My heart stopped beating for a moment, my eyes widened and my mouth went dry. Lucas Martello was stood before me, immaculately dressed, though his hair was somewhat dishevelled and grinning like a wicked wolf. A wolf that was about to devour it's prey. 

"Martello" I spat.

"I'm so glad to see you, Miss Everlyn, you have no idea how much I missed you" he mocked, I could sense the anger in his voice. 

"How did you escape?" I gasped. I didn't acknowledge Felix pass behind me and go to clap Lucas' on the shoulder. 

"Let's just say I have a friend in the order who owed a favour" he smiled sardonically. 

"Who was it?" I hissed, "I'll make them pay mark my words, right after I kill you!"

He laughed, and Felix joined in. I ignored that, I just ignored him. 

"I don't see you being in a position to make demands" he said, rolling his eyes. 

My eyes darted around the room, searching for any form of weapon, I spotted a thin looking table in the corner and ran over across the room, they both regarded the action oddly, that is until I smashed the table and picked up the sharpened leg. 

I felt powerful, a stake in my hand and a target to kill. I didn't doubt that was what I was born to do. "Put the stake down now Beatrice!" shouted Felix, a storm was raging behind those red eyes, of that I had no doubt. 

Again, I ignored him and lunged for Martello, he dashed out the way and landed gracefully under the chandelier. "Come and die, you sick bastard!" 

He chucked, "been there, done that" 

I growled, a feral sound, now was the wolf, and fully intended on catching my prey. Felix stayed at the side, watching. "Who let you out?"

"None of your concern" he said, darting towards me. I kicked him and he fell off balance but quickly recovered and grabbed the skirt of my dress. I pulled away and it tore, revealing my pale legs. Martello was momentarily distracted by the sight and I took advantage, grabbing his hair and pulling, hard. He howled as I clawed his face, then kicked him between the legs. 

"You stupid bitch!" he screamed, his eyes blazing red in fury and fangs fully extended. 

"Come here and say that" I taunted, letting him run across the room toward me before raising my stake, ready to strike. In one quick maneuver, the stake was knocked from my hand, though it wasn't Martello, Felix stood holding it. 

Martello seized the chance and grabbed my throat, squeezing tightly, crushing my wind pipe. "Crafty little vixen isn't she?" said Martello, smiling cruelly. Felix examined the stake, pressing the tip into his finger and running his hands along it before looking up, "resourceful too" 

"Can I have a taste?" Martello asked, I struggled further, kicking out but my strength fading from oxygen deprivation. He was holding me above the ground and suddenly let me drop, leaving me gasping like a fish out of water. He looked at Felix as I lay struggling to breathe on the floor. "Well?" 

I looked at Felix, begging him with my expression not to do this, I knew there was good in him, I was so sure of it, I didn't want him to prove me wrong. He appeared momentarily conflicted, then, glancing at me with distane nodded at Martello, "Help yourself"

Martello grinned and picked me up, pushing me against the wall. His hands roamed my body and he moaned, "are you sure we can't shag her?" 

I recoiled, disgusted by his touch. Felix chuckled, "Afraid not"

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