Brendan walked me back to my room, we were both silent. I think he could sense my anguish over Caroline being captured, and brushed his hand over mine before he left, retreating as the sun rose over the sky, light slipping through the windows in the corridor. 

I did not go back to bed as I should of that day, but used the key to slip out of my room. I made my way along the maze of corridors, watching my back as I went. The halls were eerily quiet, all the vampires resting behind closed doors in windowless rooms. 

With light steps I crept downstairs and used the servants passage to get to the dungeons, it did not take long. I occasionally had to pause to let the odd vampire passed, making sure my presence was not detected, slayers were taught to conceal themselves well. 

I flinched each time my footstep echoed off the stone floors, there was the occasional drip of leaking water, a rat sucurrying across the floor. Light peaked through cracks in the walls and the tiny window, the cells were mostly empty but eventually saw a small figure huddled in the corner, holding herself. 

My hand flew to my mouth when she turned. Her eye was blackened, dried blood was at the corner of her mouth, and her hands were a bloodied mess. She had balled her fists and looked at me with venom until she realised who I was. "Bea?" she said, sounding like a lost and frightened child. 

"Caroline" I said, rushing to the bars of the cell. She crawled over and took my hands, hissing through her teeth as she straightened her fingers. I took her hand and we looked at each other, all anger forgotten, we were simply two friends reunited at last. 

She frowned when she saw my appearance. "You've gotten thinner" she said.

"They don't know much about feeding humans" I said.

She laughed, but it turned into a hacking cough. "What happened? How?" I asked her.

"I passed my exam" she said, blood staining her white teeth.

"When?" I whispered.

"They caught me last night, we were leaving Rowhurst, the minute I crossed the boundary line ten of them attacked. Killed several but....they know Beatrice, they knew you were missing and they did nothing!" she cried.

"Caroline it's fine" I said, "it's just-"

"Don't you dare say it's just protocol" she spat, "you were missing and they knew where you were"

"They know we're here?" I said, speaking in a daze.

"I snuck into master White's study" she said, "I saw a plan of this house, when I confronted my father, he told me to mind my own business and stay out of it, that you would want me to concentrate on my own assignment, not worry about you" 

"Caroline, they will come" I said, "They have to"

She laughed, "why would they? You said yourself, only two slayers, they won't rescue us"

"Do you know why were here?" I asked her.

She shook her head, red hair falling out of it's braid.

"We're the sacrifices" I told her, "they're going to kill us so they can get into Rowhurst"

Her eyes widened, "so that's why Lucy was killed" 

"Lucy Tyrelle?" I said.

She nodded, "Two weeks ago"

My eyes widened, it was bad. They had already made two of the sacrifices.

"We need to get you out now" I said. 

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