The kings stay at Immortalis was far longer than planned, and brought about certain consequences. 

"Where is Lucas? I thought he was staying here Felix" commented the king one evening. I had been 'requested' at the dinner table, which consisted of Vladimir having some blond harlot draped over his knee whilst he fondled and drank, Felix drinking from whichever whore the king picked for him. I was made to watch, for what purpose, I did not know.

"He has been arrested" Felix said coolly.

"Arrested?!" spluttered Vladimir, "why?"

"He directly disobeyed me when I told him not to touch Miss Everlyn, she was to be left, instead he tortured her and drank from her, he was a risk, I cannot have her dying yet" he said.

Vladimir waved his hand, dismissing this, "No matter, release him"

"Vladimir she-"

"I don't care!" shouted Vladimir, tossing the blond from his lap, I winced as she hit the floor and scuttled away, "have him released, let him play with her if he see's fit"

"She could die, which we cannot have" Felix protested.

"I am your king! Treat me as such" spat Vladimir, his fangs bared. 

Felix bowed his head in defeat, he did not look at me, my heart was hammering at the news. I had thought myself safe from his clutches, I had really lulled myself into a false sense of security, thinking I was safe, because so long as I remained at that castle, I was never truly safe.

 "Miss Everlyn, what do you think?" asked Vladimir suddenly. My head snapped up suddenly and I glared at the king with such hatred, if looks could have killed, he would have been in ashes. 

"Are you serious?" I hissed, gripping the sides of the chair, snapping off pieces of wood in my vice like grip. Felix gave me a warning look, but I ignored it. I held up my hand, showing the missing finger. "If I had access to a stake, that bastard would be nothing but ashes" I shouted, leaping out my seat and glowering at the ominous king of vampires. "Be careful, Miss Everlyn, it would not be wise to anger me" he seethed.

"If I had a stake, I'd kill you myself" I spat, slamming down the crystal glass and leaving a cascade of shards raining on the crimson table cloth, along with an ugly stain. The king rushed forward, seizing my throat and tightening his grip. My eyes bulged, but this did not prevent me sticking the broken glass into the side of his neck and twisting, he howled and dropped me as if I were a hot poker. I smiled triumphantly, but as soon as blood poured from the wound, it seemed to stop, the skin knitting together quickly. His eyes were crimson and glowing with white hot rage, I stood tall, Felix watched on silently, and in my mind, I was screaming "Coward!" at him. 

"You little bitch!" he screamed, raising his hand to strike me, but just when the blow should have landed on me, it didn't. 

I peaked up, lifting my head from my arms to see the king staggering backwards, and Felix standing in front of me, his chest was heaving, his shoulders were locked and his jaw was tensed, his eyes glistened dangerously, dancing between black and red. "Stand aside" hissed the king.

"No" said Felix through gritted teeth. 

"What?" the king said, "are the stories true? They must be"

"The hell if they are, you will not touch her" Felix growled.

"Who are you to stop me?" mocked Vladimir. 

"Prince Felix Petrov"

"I am the KING!" he said, running up so he was only inches from Felix, "how dare you? I gave you that title"

"And I murdered another to put you where you are" 

"Felix, do you want to do this? Risk everything for a human, worse than a human, she's a slayer, one of them, the ones that took Elise"

Felix flinched, and I shuddered at the way he said 'slayer', like it was a bad word. To them it was I supposed. "She is different" Felix argued.

"They are all the same! What are you saying, that you will no longer sacrifice her?" 

Felix did not respond, and I could not decipher if this was a good or bad sign. The king laughed, though there was no humour or warmth in his voice, it was cold, the sound like that of ice breaking. "You would die for...her?"

"You'd kill me?" said Felix, cocking his head to the side, "I'm glad three centuries of service have made me that easy to kill" Sarcasm dripped off his voice, evident in every syllable. 

"Felix, this is too important" 

"But I'm the only one that can enter Rowhurst" Felix pointed out. The king stepped back, his eyes blazing. Felix smirked, "slight problem killing me then" 

The king glowered, then without warning skirted round him in a flash and pinned me against his chest, twisting my neck painfully so it was exposed to his fangs. "You can't kill her" scoffed Felix.

"But I can make her suffer" said the king menacingly.

"Step away from her Vladimir" he warned. I tried to struggle, but could not, my arms pinned to my sides and legs trapped between his. "One more move and I bite, hard"

Felix looked pained and then hung his head, making Vladimir smile sadistically, "release Lucas, and from now on, you are not to be in the same room as this filth, do not touch her, don't even look at her"

Felix's eyes bore into mine, and I am certain we both shared the same agonized expression. "Leave" instructed the king, though Felix made no move to go.

"Now!" shouted the king, practically deafening me. As Felix stepped away, Vladimir tossed me to the floor as if I were nothing but dirt, which in his eyes, I was.

The king stepped towards me and then Felix shook his head, bending down to me, the king growled, but he ignored him. "I'm so sorry" he whispered, his lips brushing my skin, then he turned and in an instant he was gone. Vampire speed.

"Get up" he said, kicking me. 

I wheezed as the impact winded me, but struggled to my feet none the less. "I will not treat you as Felix has done, Miss Everlyn" he warned, his voice was low and deadly, then he snapped his fingers and too regale looking vampires appeared, wearing uniforms similar to that of grenadiers, though these were no gallant soldiers like the red coats. "Take her too the cells" 

I cried and cursed loudly, the thought of being in those hideous cells detestable. Though the thought of not being able to see Felix more so. 

They dragged me down the corridors, some vampires watched curiously, though none intervened. Not that I expected them too. 

The guards were none to gentle in throwing me in the cell, I hit the floor with a thud, my hands skinned as I reached out to stop the impacts. The bandages twisted and I grimaced, then looked at my palms, bloodied and skinned from the cold stone. I could feel my knees bruising. 

The cell was just as cold as I remembered, the stark bareness of it made it seem even more barren. The door clicked as it locked, groaning loudly as the rusty key was extracted. I stared for what seemed like an eternity at the now empty doorway, my eyes glazing over as a million different thoughts overpowered me at once. I took deep breaths, trying to ward off the rising panic constricting my ever tightening chest. After a moment, the panic passed, and immediately my mind began to formulate ways to escape. I did not know how I would manage, assumably they would have to come in to feed me and such at some point, then endless plans poured into my head. Attacking the guard, running passed and locking them in the cell. I had plenty options, and now thinking of a strategy, I felt calmer, more at ease, because as a slayer, I felt invincible. 



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