The next morning, they called for an assembly of all students. We were marched into the great hall, and Master White was stood at the front, with all the other teachers assembled behind him.

Once we were all seated on the hard wooden benches, Caroline looked to me in confusion but I shook my head, indicating it was something bad. Master White cleared his throat, adjusting his cravat before speaking. "Last night, a great tragedy occured, one of our students, Richard Mayfair was attacked and killed"

A single gasp rose up from the student body and mutterings broke out. "Silence!" snapped Master White, once he had it, he continued, "the boy was attacked by a vampire, and as too how the creature entered the grounds we do not yet know"

Again, more muttering as a result. "Quiet! As a security precaution no student is permitted to be out of their chamber or dormitory after nine o'clock, student's must travel in groups of at a minimum three and for students below tenth year, must be occumpanied by a member of staff at all times"

Outcries of protest came up from the crowd. Many recognisble cries of "That's not fair!" and "This is ridiculous!"

"Silence!" roared Master White, "you are all too follow these measures till the source of the problem has been found. Now, some student's have been recognised as fit for active duty earlier than others will be taking their final exam next week, discounting science and history, so they will begin service by the end of the month"

Cries of horror and protest came from staff and student alike, many Master's arguing with Master White, some student's began to cry. I remained impassive and oblivious to the chaos, even Caroline looked shaken. "You knew, didn't you?" she said.

I nodded. "How?" she whispered. Though I could not reply as Master White restored order and began talking again. "Will the following student's step forward, you will be taking your combat and strategic exam next Friday"

And so the list began;

"Fran Alleston,

Samuel Astwin

Amelia Brightly

William Bingly

Sarah Dunsane

Ivan Drumley

Dawn Emmonds

Beatrice Everlyn"

I was not surpised to hear my name called, and stood proudly, making my way to the front to join the others as Master White continued.

"Robert Fredricks

Lydia Stone

Tristan Hartford"

I looked at Caroline who was sat stunned, it was not possible, she had to be picked, Caroline was one of the best fighters and most strategic minds in our year.

"Will the chosen students follow Master Scott, who will begin preperation for the final exam, the rest of you, back to your usual classes"

With one last sympathetic glance at Caroline, I was ushered away. Master Scott began going through the details of the exam, but I was not paying much attention, to caught up in my own thoughts to care all that much.

When dismissed, we were told that we were to go and practise, as of now our study would be independent, we could recieve no help during examination week.

I went back to the library and slipped into the forbidden section unnoticed. I went back to where I had seen the vampire and looked upon the book shelves, searching for anything that might help me find out how the affair had occured.

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