"During 1478 there was a great pandemic in Russia" he said, his gaze drifting away from mine as he continued, "they say it was the bubonic plague that had killed so many a century previous. People were covered in sores, they cried out and wept, corpses littered the streets and rotted in the sun, or froze in the winter. My family and I made it through the winter unscathed, but when summer came, they got sick. I was only twenty, and it was my responsibility to provide, especially as they couldn't work. In June, the plague merciless took them, my father first. His whole body covered in boils, coughing blood and sickness, he died days after contracting the plague. My mother was devastated, she loved him so much, and the plague eventually spread to us both. 

We both were ill, coughing and I could no longer work. In our town, there was a man, one who had survived untouched. He was incredibly wealthy, and known for his ability to heal the dying. We did not know he was a vampire. She sold everything we had and begged him to save me. I remember him coming in to the cabin, his eyes burning red, and skin a deathly pallor, even in my haze that stood out. He bent down and whispered that he would make me well, then he bit me, the pain was so intense, the poison being sucked from my veins, he then fed me his blood, snapping my neck and when I woke the plague was gone.

I woke in his castle, my mother was dead he told me, and I could no longer stay in the village" 

He sounded like the shell of a person, "Felix I-" 

He continued as if I never spoke, his voice barely audible as he became a shadow; 

"We travelled far and wide after that, I later learned the man that turned me was Vladimir Romanov, and he was very powerful, though at this time he was not yet king. He plotted and in 1490 we assassinated the old King, Alexander Romanov, Vladimir's brother. 

After he became king, Vladimir made me his prince, since it was my birth right. And we conquered Europe thusly, slaying anyone who dared oppose us. I fell in love though, I had not enjoyed killing, it seemed unnecessary, cruel. Vladimir did not like this, and set a plan for me. 

He knew I had fallen in love with a beautiful girl whilst living in France. Her name was Elise, and she was so beautiful, golden curls and pretty green eyes, she saw the person I was beneath this and she was so pure. Only sixteen years old, I wished to marry her, and turn her. But the King would not let me, he argued that she was not worthy, that she made me foolish and weak, I argued and stole her away, and after spending a night with her, I turned her. 

Only, I didn't know Elise didn't want to be vampire, the king had gotten to her. Told her of the killing and bloodshed and endless misery. She hated herself, hated me I suspect, and turned herself over to the slayers. I watched helplessly as they pegged her to a post and left her to burn in the sun. They didn't even stake her! She turned herself over and they burned her! Watched while she screamed for hours as the sun boiled her blood and melted her skin. Her pretty face, blistered and cracked"

His voice started to break and I could stand it no longer, "Felix listen-" I began, but was interrupted as Felix's voice became more urgent.

"I hate them! They killed her, the day she died, whatever human part of me was left died along with her. I tormented people, burned cities to the ground, I raised hell on Earth in every way I could. I no longer loved, women became things to be persued, conquered then discarded. And I don't think Vladimir was ever happier, because I was finally the monster he always wanted me to be"

"Do you know who did it?" I whispered.


"Who told them to burn Elise?" 

"I don't know" he said, shaking his head, "but I will make their descendants pay for what they did! I will rape their grandchildren! I will murder them and wipe that family from this earth! I have been searching a long time, Beatrice, and will enact my revenge when the time comes"

I shuddered and gripped my arms. "Are you cold?" he said.

I shook my head, I tried to stop the tears slipping from my eyes. It was so tragic, and explained why Felix was like he was. I found after hearing his story I could not hate him, not as much as I wanted too, it was not his fault he was like he was, life had been cruel to him, almost mocking his entire life. 

Feeling overwhelmed by emotion, I did something I never thought I would do, not in a million years. 

Pulling back the collar of my dress, I revealed my neck, the blood pumping steadily beneath the surface. "We had a deal" I said, a smile flickering on my lips at his aghast expression. 

Clearly he would not turn down such an offer. He bent his head but not before his eyes met mine, and he saw fear. I dreaded the bite, the sick drawing sensation and the horrid burn as the blood was pulled from me. 

"Relax" he said, his eyes baring into mine. It brought little comfort as they were burning red. 

Then, he took me completely by surprise, instead of biting, he kissed, marking with his tongue the spot he intended to bite. Still rigid, he murmured, "Lay back"

I did as instructed, the cool stone of the bench hard beneath my back as his weight covered me, pressing me into the granite. He nipped along my jaw, making me gasp and tremble, before sucking on my neck again, pulling the skin gently, I melted at his touch, and he knew as my heart rate spiked he had me. I cried out as his fangs punctured my skin and he sucked greedily, his lips fixed to my skin. 

His fingers pressed into my hips as he held me in place, then, after an eternity, it was over. He drew back, licking the little wounds and then his lips. "Nothing better than virgin blood" he told me. 

My fingers dug into the stone, turning my knuckles white. I stared at him, pain in my eyes from the bite. "Thank you" he said, getting up and lifting me with him. I was pressed to his chest and he stroked my hair. I made no effort to stop him. 

"You are anomolous, Beatrice Everlyn" he said, more to himself I think.

"I've been told" I said dryly, making him chuckle. 

"I can do something for you, if you want" he said, all seriousness in his eyes.

"I know I cannot take your innocence, but I can do other things" he told me.

My eyes narrowed, and then I suddenly understood what he was implying. "How dare you!" I screeched, leaping away from him.

"What?" he said, sounding genuinly confused.

"Do you think me so easy? That I am nothing but your whore!" I spat, "how dare you, Felix Petrov!"

"Don't pretend you don't enjoy my touch" he sneered.

"I don't" I said defiantly. He ran his hand along my side, squeezing my waist. Inside, I felt myself quake and could not help the desire that pooled in my eyes. "Don't lie to me, Beatrice"

I slapped him, throwing my full weight behind it and leaving a bloody smear on his cheek. "You-" he began.

I backed away, "Stay away from me" I said, running up the steps and fleeing inside, Felix following me up the steps ordering me to stop. I ignored him and carried on, making it inside just in time to hit something, cold and hard. 

I looked up, into the undead and amused eyes of Lucas Martello. He smirked at my horrified expression.

"Hello, Miss Everlyn" 



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