Paris was beautiful at night. We had been here a number of weeks, and not a day passed when I did not think of Felix. He haunted my every waking moment, and his face was one that was a constant in my dreams. 

I looked out onto the city skyline, the arc de triamphe stood proudly above the gas lit streets. The cobbled alleys were so narrow, and the buildings seemed to lean inwards, the effect was both intimidating and fascinating. The place seemed to teem with history, and appeared unchanged from the times of the revolution. Vive la France, I thought wryly. I always found human wars to be futile, they would fight over the most frivolous of things. I would call them violent, but to say it considering my own violent nature would make me a hypocrite, which was something I despised. 

The night's seemed darker here, though nothing beat the darkness of the night at Immortalis, I would never forget that night on the roof top with Felix, and the way he treated me so tenderly 

I still struggled to come to terms with that fact, because I could never understand why he loved me. I was not ugly, but I was no great beauty, and I was a slayer, he was supposed to hate me. My own feelings towards him were so confusing, one minute I wanted to kiss him, the next to slap him. He made my nerve endings raw, and sent electricity shooting though my viens, he charged me, being with him was like standing out in a thunder storm with a metal pole stuck in the air. 

I sighed, dressed in my night gown and leaned against the frame of the balcony. The wind playing with my loose hair. "Felix" I sighed, wishing him to be beside me once again. 

We were staying in a small chateau on the outskirts of the city, it was relatively quiet and most of all, safe. Or safe enough. In name the chateau belonged to a monsieur Deveux, but in reality that was a fake name invented by Carlisle. Lydia and he had been inseperable the entire time, though they tried to act like it was nothing, I could tell. She would look at the floor with nerves when he was around and Carlisle would flush when she spoke to him. I never commented though, because I did not want to discourage them, when it was all to clear they were nervous as it was. 

My hands brushed over the rough iron and I remembered what Carlisle had said during the crossing;

"Did you never wonder why you were always so much more gifted than the other slayers? You must have known it wasn't just good genetics, Beatrice, you cannot pretend that this is not fact any longer. Because if you keep pretending you'll get yourself killed"

We still had no idea how to unlock my powers, we had tried almost everything, but it was useless, never was any kind of magical response trigged, Lydia had suggested something, but Carlisle said it to be impossible, because that would take away my magic, not bring it forth, still I often pondered her theory, thinking it could be correct. 

Inside, I was emotionally drained, it had been a month I had not seen Felix, and the not knowing whether he was dead or alive was the worst. The not knowing drove me mad, I needed answers because if I did not get them I knew I'd go insane with the torture and torment of it. I started to think that I was in love with him, but I did not really know what love was, and that made it so much harder. 

Suddenly, a crow landed on the rails. I leapt back in fright, the creature crawed loudly, flapping it's great black wings and squaking at me. It took me a moment before I noticed the tiny parchement on it's leg. It pecked me as I reached forward. "Ahh!" 

I sucked the point it had bitten, cleaning off the blood before snatching the paper from it before the crow could bite me again. I unravelled it and the crow flew away, but I barely noticed, on the front it said Beatrice Everlyn. 

The hand writing was script and written in old black ink on an ancient looking parchement, yellowed by age. It was barely one line, but still it sparked hope in my heart and made me shudder all at once.

I will come for you. 



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