The next night came before I could prevent it. The sunlight faded as shadows crept forth, making the halls dark. The other vampires in the house had come to ignore me, knowing that if they laid a hand on me, they would die. 

I knew my plan, and it was a risky one. I left as the light receeded, knowing the vampires would still be asleep, or just rising. Along the farthest bank of the lake was an oak tree, older than time it seemed from the huge trunk and vast expanse of foliage. That night I had dressed in deliberately simple clothes (as simple as the clothes provided for me were anyway), wearing a muslin shirt, tucked into the high waisted skirt. On my feet were ankle boots, they were not as comfortable as some of my old shoes, but better than the pumps and heeled devices designed to make it harder for women to walk. 

It did not take me long to reach the tree, despite the size of the length, running quickly I was at the tree as the sun finally disappeared from the sky. Placing one foot in a knot hole, I heaved myself into the thick branches. The leaves brushed my skin and moonlight danced through the tiny gaps left by the thick canopy, Through a small hole, I could see the castle in all it's splendour, the dome twinkling under the moon, the walls turned pale by celestial light. I leaned back against the trunk, all I had to do was sit and wait. Brendan would inform them I was 'missing' and then use the opportunity to sneak Caroline out while they were looking for me. By the time they found me, Caroline and Brendan would be gone, hopefully well on their way to London. Caroline had not been informed of the plan, I could not risk Lucas or Felix getting any information out of her. 

After about an hour, vampires poured out the house, darting in different directions and making their way into the woods behind me, none thought to go around the lake, assuming I'd go through the woods and away to the road as I'd done last time. The worst part of sitting was not knowing whether they'd made it out or not, I would have no idea if they survived, and I desperately needed them too. It was what gave me hope, if I could save her life, perhaps then the vampires would never get into Rowhurst. 

I then saw a sight that made me shudder, a head of bleach blond hair storming out the back doors, his face like thunder. Lucas Martello had joined the hunt. And he looked furious. 

My plan was for Felix to join to and so far I had not seen him. Lucas shot into the woods like an arrow. I had covered myself in mud and leaves, trying to disguise my scent, though I had tried to keep the white shirt intact, but even it could not avoid the green stains from leaning against the tree. He didn't stop though, so he must not have picked up on me. 

After another hour, I saw the sight I'd been waiting for, Felix came out the house, radiant in the moon's glorious rays. His hair was dark and I could not quite make out his face, but I knew from the stature it was him. He walked across the lawn, and then too my horror to the lake. No, no, no, no, no! It was too soon, I was not convinced they'd be back in London yet. 

He stood across the lake from me, and bent down, picking up a stone then skimmed it lightly across the water's silvery surface. He muttered something then proceeded to walk around the lake before settling under my tree. 

I froze, unsure of what to do and frightened that I would be discovered. He looked out onto the lake and leaned back against the tree, folding his arms and locking his jaw. "Why Beatrice?" he growled, closing his eyes and rolling his head back so he was looking up. Surely he will see me?

I did not know if I should inform him of my presence or wait? What if he found Caroline gone too soon, the vampires were over confident, they did not post people outside their cells assuming they would never escape. No guards to keep humans in, only to keep slayers out. 

He turned his head and looked back out on to the lake, I would have given anything to know what he was thinking at that moment, his face torn and conflicted. What soul lay behind those beautiful eyes? What twisted thoughts did he have? What beautiful soul was he hiding?

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