I woke up with arms wrapped around me, spooning on the bed. My back was against his chest, I was pulled tightly against his muscular chest and his breathing was slow and cool against my exposed neck. I turned gently in his arms, I could barely remember how I had ended up in this position, but watched with a careful gaze as he slept peacefully. His eyes were closed, dark lashes revealed against the pale skin, his mouth was slightly ajar as if he needed the oxygen, I wondered why vampires did that; they did not need oxygen after all. But perhaps it was merely the action of doing it, a habit perhaps that transcended subconsciously, or a way of feeling more human. 

His beautiful hair was slightly covering his face, and with tenderness I had no idea I processed, I swept it off his face. I knew I should hate him, but seeing him like he was then, so angelic and beautiful made my heart weak. His torso was bare, and he had only his breeches on. Turning I buried my face in his neck. Well you gave up easily, proud of yourself? sneered my subconscious. I ignored it, sighing in contentment as he pressed me closer and murmured my name. I didn't know what time it was, or what time Felix would wake up, it was the kind of information slayers never had access too. 

I needed to stretch, but could not move, so contented myself to be pinned to his chest and indulging in my own secret fantasy. I could remember clearly what had happened last night, and what happened when I chased after him made me wonder how I could have changed so much in a few short months. 

"Why?" he said, his eyes betraying the confusion and sadness. 

"I-I-I-" I stammered, unable to get the words out. All my life I had felt in control, powerful, but at that moment I felt indescribably weak and helpless; I was totally at the mercy of this vampire prince. 

"Beatrice?" he sounded worried, then again, it must have been strange to see me like that, when usually I was threatening to kill him. "Do you love me?" he said.

I backed away a little, "don't ask me that" 


"It isn't fair! After everything that has happened it isn't fair!" I screamed, "you've taken blood, kidnapped my friend, taken advantage of my naivety and then slept with another woman...do not expect me to answer that question!"

"Then why don't you want me to leave?" he said, "and why then do you care emotionally about the things I have done, as far as a slayer is concerned, this is normal vampiric behaviour"

"You slept with another woman!" I howled, "and a cheap harlot at that!"

Suddenly, he started laughing, and I shook with rage, "You're jealous!" he crowed, clapping his hands, "Beatrice, you must love me, or at least care enough in a way more than friendliness!"

"There's never been any 'friendliness' between us! And I am not jealous!"

"Then why do you care who I choose to make my bed with? Why do you even want me to stay?"

"I can't stand to be alone anymore!" I cried.

"Beatrice, why? You know you are safe" 

"He might come back" I whispered, sounding like a broken and desperate child.

He raced forward, wrapping his arms around me, and stroking my hair softly, I pushed him but he crushed me tighter and I sobbed into his chest, staining his shirt with tears. "He won't, he'll pay for what he did Beatrice"

"I want him dead" I seethed.

"You feel something for me" he murmured in my hair.

I shoved him and he laughed, "You just won't quit!" 

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