Chapter Thirty-Six - Dresses and Drama

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The next two weeks went by quickly.

Although Adam had promised me that he would focus on the more important issues, I had not seen Diedrick since the incident in Adam's office.

I never asked Adam, but I was starting to think Diedrick might have been killed. The thought, while relieving to a degree, worried me. However, I didn't have time to worry about it too much.

While Adam was hard at work trying to find the source of the red tulips, Liu and I had put our heads together to plan the wedding of the century.

The flowers had been ordered, the cake was in the process of being made and the ballroom had been completely refurbished to hold the multitudes of people that would be in attendance.

Vega, of course, was thrilled because it meant that Nwabueze and his family would be returning. Liu, on the other hand, seemed annoyed by all the guests.

"Where are we going to put them?" She asked me, irritated. "This is your wedding, for Christ's sake. You should have the castle to yourself afterwards, not dealing with an overflow of people."

We stood in the foyer, mapping out where all the flowers would be and where the guests would enter.

"Relax," I said laughing. "It's not that big of a deal."

She crossed her arms and shook her head as I pointed to show the florist where we would be putting the large crystal vases.

"I think you're giving too much grace, letting all these people stay here. I don't know why Adam doesn't just hole them all up in an inn in the village," she muttered.

"He is," I said. "Only the important people are staying in the castle. Speaking of the village, what time is my fitting?"

She looked down at her watch.

"In thirty minutes."

I groaned.

"We need to find Vega and Mrs. Chandler so we can head out."

Vega, her mother, and Liu were all going with me to Laura's shop for my final dress fitting. Liu and Vega were also going to try on the bridesmaids dresses I had ordered them.

After making final arrangements with the florist, Liu had someone fetch Mrs. Chandler and Vega so we could leave.

The trip into town took only a few minutes. We parked in front of Laura's store as the guards that came with us went inside to make sure it was safe.

Adam, much to my disdain, had ordered an around-the-clock security detail to accompany me everywhere. While the two burly and intimidating men were never too close, nor did they ever come into the bedroom, the thought of being followed did not appeal to me.

They always went into rooms before I did, they never let me go anywhere without them, and I found their ever present stoic facial expressions to be rather unsettling.

One of the men, whom I affectionately called 'Bear' due to my lack of knowledge of his actual name, came out of the shop and gave the all-clear to the driver who unlocked the car doors and let the four of us out.

The snow that was falling managed to get caught in my hair, despite the fact that it was a brief, ten step walk from the car into the building.

As I walked inside the store, I brushed the snowflakes from my hair and looked around at all of the wedding dresses. There were so many of them, one would have thought there weren't enough women in the town to buy them all. Laura had every size, every design, every fabric and cut that a girl could dream of.

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