Chapter Twenty-Five - An Alpha's Distrust

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"Who sent the damn flowers?"

Adam was furious, Jace was annoyed, and I was scared out of my mind.

Liu sat beside me at the conference table and Jace stood on the other side of the room as Adam paced around it.

"The guards said they didn't see anyone enter the room. Whoever did it came in through the balcony doors," Jace said.

"Sorry about your house," Liu whispered to me.

She pushed the pictures of my old home in flames towards the center of the table.

"It's okay," I assured her. "I upgraded anyways."

"Maybe it's just a coincidence," Jace said to Adam.

Adam stopped pacing and glared at him.

"You think it's a coincidence?" he asked incredulously. "These flowers are not in season, so someone had to put a lot of effort into getting them here. They're the exact same color as the ones in the photo and there's seven of them just like in the photo."

"It's too much to be a coincidence," Liu said, agreeing with Adam.

She didn't seem to notice the glare that Jace shot her, but I did.

"Can we please focus?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him. "If It isn't a coincidence, that means we have a lot of theorizing to do."

Adam placed his hands firmly on the top of the seat across from me.

"I agree."

We all thought about this for a few moments before Liu spoke up.

"Do tulips have any significance in your family?" She asked.

I shook my head.

"My mom's favorites are sunflowers. My dad on the other hand, well... I don't think he cares for anything living so I wouldn't say he has a favorite kind of flower."

"What about the color red?" Jace asked.

I shook my head and Adam sighed heavily.

"We'll keep thinking on it. For now, I want everyone to be cautious of anyone acting suspicious."

"It would have to have been someone outside of the meetings," I said.

"How do you mean?"

"You were in a meeting with all of these people when I went back to the room. The person who put them there must have gone during that time, when no one would have been walking the halls."

Liu shook her head. "No, because they were on a lunch break. However, if it was one of the Alphas or Betas, I doubt any of them would have had the guts to do it themselves. Even if we catch the person who put them there, we might not find out who wanted them there."

Adam nodded in agreement.

"Let's call it a night, but keep thinking on this. Let me know if you two come up with something or if you find anything new."

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