Chapter Six - No Sparks

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Unknown P.O.V.

"So he's found her?"

The subordinate nodded slowly.

"Well," he said smiling, "I shall have to send the happy couple my congratulations..."

- - -

Evelyn's P.O.V.

A knock sounded against the door as I pulled my sweater over my head.

Fixing my hair, I ran over to the door and opened it.

Because I was expecting Adam, I was surprised to see a girl my age standing there.

"Hi..." I said awkwardly. "Can I help you?"

Her gaze wouldn't meet mine, but I heard her speak with a strong voice.

"My name is Liu, I am going to be with you today as you go down to the village," she said.

I couldn't tell if she was happy about this or not. Liu refused to look at me.

"It's nice to meet you Liu. I'm Evie," I said stretching my hand out to shake hers.

Liu didn't shake my hand, but simply bowed her head curtly.


"When you're ready, you can follow me and I'll lead you to the car," she said.

I turned to look at my boxes of clothes from home that Adam had brought up that morning. There were a few things strewn, but I would clean it up later.

"I'm ready now," I said, stepping out of the room and closing the door behind me.

Liu turned and began to walk away and I followed her.

She was a few inches taller than I was, a few pounds lighter as well. She had long, jet black hair that she wore stick straight and parted in the middle. Liu had strong, broad shoulders that made her soft pink blouse fit awkwardly, but I assumed she was built like she was because of long hours in the gym.

"So..." I said trying to break the uncomfortable silence. "You're in Adam's pack then?"

"Yes," she stated simply.

"Do you live in the palace?" I asked.

"No, I only work here with my father."

Her curt answers were not satisfactory, nor were they conducive to a conversation. I quit trying to make her talk as she led me back the way that Adam had brought me last night.

As soon as we made it to the front gate, I noticed the older gentleman was waiting there again. Once as he saw us, he turned and pulled my jacket and scarf from the closet behind him.

"Here you are," he said, handing them to me.

"Thank you. I'm Evie, by the way. What's your name?" I asked.

"Bartelby Smith," he replied with a warm, wrinkled smile.

I smiled back at him as Liu led the way out of the huge wooden doors and to an awaiting car.

The wind whipped around us sharply. The cold air felt like needles against my skin.

I got into the car as quickly as possible, Liu getting in behind me.

As soon as I buckled, I reached into my back pocket and pulled out Adam's card. I turned it over in my hands. It didn't look like a regular credit card. There was no magnetic strip, it was just a small black card with an indistinguishably small emblem inscribed in gold on the left corner.

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