Chapter Twenty-Six - His Thoughts

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Adam's P.O.V.

I could hardly keep my bloody eyes open the next morning.

Staying in the guest bedroom while the love of my life was suffering from the pain of Heat in the next room over had a way of keeping the thought of sleep distant.

Her stubbornness to wait until we married irritated me beyond belief, but I wasn't going to change her mind. I'd already tried and my efforts proved unsuccessful. However, that didn't stop the thought of strangling the Chandler woman for making her take that bloody vow from becoming a regularly occurring thought in my mind.

At times throughout the night, I felt the pull of my wolf. It wasn't concerned about the respect that Evelyn deserved in her decision. All it knew was that she was in pain and I was perfectly capable of stopping it.

These low points in the night were the hardest. I didn't like fighting myself. I had given into the pull of my wolf one too many times in my life and I was paying for not disciplining myself enough.

I needed Evelyn, but I also needed to get a grip on myself.

I had never been so close to losing myself as I had been the previous night. When she grabbed my arm and kissed my lips, I could physically feel my resolve leaving my body.

I was proud of the mark she had left on my neck, however embarrassed she might have been by it. It meant she wanted me too, and that was satisfying enough for now.

Covering the mark was a pain in the arse, though. I felt as though I was being strangled by the tie around my neck.

Jace noticed how much I had tugged and pulled at the bloody thing. I only hoped no one else in the conference room did.

I sat at the head of the table. Jace sat to my right and General Wanshan to my left.

Alpha Superior Oghojafor was speaking—and had been for the past few minutes—about the problems his pack was having with rogues.

The only problem I could see was how long-winded he was.

"If you placed a sanction against housing rogues on your land, you wouldn't have this problem," I said, interrupting him.

His son, Nwabueze, nodded in agreement.

"We believe that everyone should have shelter," Alpha Oghojafor protested. "I cannot force my people to turn others away."

I shrugged indifferently. I knew Europe and Asia wouldn't stand for the reckless abandonment of rogues that Africa did.

"Then your problem of rogues will remain an issue until it becomes their problem as well," I said pointing between Alpha Chen and Alpha Schneider.

"Get your problem under control," Alpha Chen said, narrowing his eyes at Alpha Oghojafor.

"Or we will control it for you," Alpha Schneider finished.

Alpha Oghojafor leaned back in his chair, finally at a loss for words.

I saw Jace look down at his phone that sat in the palm of his hand and I took a deep breath before kicking him under the table. He knew they weren't allowed in the room.

He said nothing as he handed the phone to me under the table and I looked at the screen. I couldn't help but growl at the message displayed on the screen.

The disrespect of these people baffled me.

I stood up in my chair, interrupting Alpha Schneider's statement.

"Which one of you sent the letter?"

Everyone went silent.

Feeling my patience grow thin, I growled and repeated myself.

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