Chapter Nine - Desperate

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Unknown P.O.V.

"This is the time..."

The fire in the hearth cracked and popped, offering the only source of light in the room.

The two individuals sat next to each other, both of them gazing into the flames.

"I agree, she's here and he is distracted. It's what we've been waiting for," he smiled.

"So why haven't you done anything yet?" She asked. "Our window of opportunity will close soon..."

"Don't worry... I've already made my move."

Soon, they both thought. Soon this will all be over.

- - -

Evelyn's P.O.V.

A soft moan escaped my lips.

His mouth moved down the curve of my spine, hot breath fanning against the naked skin. Chill bumps erupted across my entire body.

Adam's hands moved down my arms and interlocked with mine. I felt his body climb over mine as he gently moved my hands over my head and pinned them to the mattress. The fact that his body was so closely pressed against mine made my stomach do flips an Olympic gymnast would be impressed by.

He flipped me over to face him, making sure my arms stayed pinned above me. His lips brushed against my neck softly, teasing me.

My top and bra had disappeared into the tangle of the sheets and duvet, along with his pants and shirt.

His hands left mine and began to trail down my body with a rough grip. Adam kissed my neck—slowly at first—but then more aggressively.

I could feel his teeth brush against the mark on my neck. My fingers ran through his hair as my heart raced faster.

Adam bit gently at the skin.

I let out another breathy moan and grabbed a fistful of his dark curls, earning an erotic noise from him. The vibrations of his moan echoed from his mouth onto my skin. As his kisses trailed lower from my neck to my chest, my hands left his hair and trailed down his bare back.


I awoke with a start.

My head was still spinning from the dream when I looked around to see who had said my name.

Adam stood at the foot of the bed, the sheer curtain pulled back as he buttoned his shirt.

"What the hell do you want?" I groaned throwing the sheet over my face.

"You just slept for eleven straight hours. You should not be grouchy..." He said dryly.

I pulled back the sheet and glanced over at the clock, seeing it was indeed the next morning. After an otherwise unproductive day yesterday, I had gone to bed early. I never heard Adam come in last night.

"Because," I said laying back down. "You woke me up from a good dream."

"I could tell..." A smirk lined his lips.

I sat back up quickly. "Wait... how?"

Adam said nothing as he let the curtain fall back into place and walked away from the bed.

"How?" I asked again, pulling myself out of bed and following him into the bathroom.

"I want to have lunch with you today," he said, pulling out his toothbrush.

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