Chapter Twenty-Three - Dancing with the Enemy

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Adam was gone the next morning when I woke up.

I rolled over and put my hand on his empty pillow and sighed. I knew I needed to talk to Mrs. Chandler so I could convince her to let me out of the promise.

Adam was short with me the night before when he came out of the bathroom and got into the bed. I knew he was frustrated—probably not as much as I was—but still, frustrated nonetheless. I was torn between feeling guilty for making the promise and feeling guilty for wanting to break it.

I got out of the bed, noticing by the clock that it was still in the early morning. After showering, I changed into warm clothes and left the bedroom to find Mrs. Chandler.

I tried to ignore the stares I received from the guards that were still lining Adam's hallway as I made my way to the stairs.

The castle was quieter than I had ever heard it, despite there being over a hundred guests roaming around.

Liu had told me that the meetings started early in the morning, then they took a break for lunch, and resumed again until evening. She also told me that all the maids, servants, and other workers were strictly forbidden to venture anywhere near the offices during the meeting times. She said the offices had been closed for the week to ensure no one was going to be anywhere near the Alpha Superiors, their Betas, and the other advisors and counsel that would be attending the meetings as well.

I could only hope that some of the tensions would die down and the ball that night wouldn't be as awkward as the gala had been the night before.

Mrs. Chandler wasn't in her room when I went looking for her there. The twins were still asleep, as was Vega. However, I only assumed that Vega was because her door was closed.

I ventured a little farther and went to the hospital ward where I found Mrs. Chandler sitting next to Mr. Chandler, who was sleeping, as she read a book.

I knocked on the door gently and she looked up from the pages to see me standing there. She smiled warmly, but she looked tired.

"Have you eaten breakfast yet?" I asked her as I walked into the room.

She shook her head. "No, but I'm fine."

"You need to eat," I said, holding my hand out for her to take.

Mrs. Chandler hesitated, looking between Mr. Chandler and my outstretched hand.

"There's coffee upstairs."

She smiled and stood up, placing her book down on the chair.

"Coffee sounds great right about now."

I smiled as I hooked my arm with hers and led her out of the room.

I passed a nurse in the hallway and informed her Mrs. Chandler and I would be getting breakfast if she needed anything.

"It's about time she left that room and took care of herself," the nurse joked.

I smiled and Mrs. Chandler and I left the ward and walked to the dining room.

As we sat down, a woman came out and asked us what we wanted to eat and disappeared into the kitchen when she had our answers.

"So, how are you?" She asked me.

"I should be asking you," I laughed. "How's Mr. Chandler?"

She smiled, but it appeared as if she was trying not to burst into tears. "He's doing okay."

I knew she was lying, but I couldn't stand to see that woman cry, so I didn't push it any farther.

"Are the boys enjoying themselves?" I asked her, changing subjects.

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