Chapter Forty-Two - Pieces of the Puzzle

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Evelyn's P.O.V.

I took a deep breath, feeling the stream of water hit my face.

I was exhausted, both mentally and physically.

Liu and I had trained a bit that afternoon after I left Adam's office. I shifted into my wolf for the second time, but this time something was off.

It didn't feel as relaxing. I was on edge, scampering about as if something was wrong. The fur on my neck stood at attention and my tail was wedged between my legs the entire time.

Liu told me that it was a possibility it was just because my emotions had been all over the place after the stress of getting married, all the sex, and my mom dying. She could have been right, but I wasn't sure.

I hadn't seen Adam since that morning, which worried me seeing as we normally ate dinner together. I just assumed that he had gotten held up with some important Alpha business.

I sighed feeling the hot water from the shower relax my sore and achy muscles.

Reaching forward, I grabbed the shampoo bottle and began to wash my hair. After conditioning it, I washed my body.

I was rinsing off when I heard the bathroom door open slowly.

I smiled to myself, knowing Adam would be joining me shortly.

I heard him begin to undress as his belt hit the floor and the zipper on his slacks was undone.

Closing my eyes, I felt his presence me and fought the urge to turn around.

I felt one arm reach around my waist and pull me closer to his naked body and the other reached down to grab my butt.

However, as soon as his lips touched the claim on my neck, I felt a terrible sense of dread.

I turned around quickly and screamed as I realized it had been Diedrick.

"Miss me?"

The evil smirk that followed made me sick.

My foot went up to kick him between the legs instinctively, but he caught it. He'd learned my trick after the first time he'd tried to come onto me.

Diedrick pulled me towards him with my foot and wrapped my leg around his waist, pressing my naked body against his.

I reached above my head and grabbed the shower head and yanked it down so hard it detached from the wall, bits of concrete coming down with it.

My strength surprised him and I used this to my advantage as I began to smack him in the head, shoulders, and face with the detached shower head.

Water was spraying out of the broken piping and going everywhere, making it hard to see.

I continued my assault until both his hands were lifted in his defense.

Pulling my leg from around him, I tripped backwards away from him and threw the shower head in his direction.

He deflected it easily and I escaped from the shower with him in pursuit.

I went over to the toilet and grabbed the ceramic lid that covered the tank and swung it as hard as I could at him.

Diedrick didn't see it coming until too late and the lid shattered against his face with a loud crash.

I screamed again as I ducked from his grip and he stumbled backwards.

My heart was racing and my ears were ringing as I ran from the bathroom, covering my dripping body with a towel.

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