Chapter Thirty-One - Bloody Knuckles and Broken Bones

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Author's Warning: the ending of this chapter is more than slightly gory. If blood makes you squeamish, let someone know in the comments and they can fill you in on what you've missed.

- - -

The next two days went by slowly.

This was in part because I spent them locked away in our bedroom, much too wary of leaving and going anywhere else in the castle. I couldn't shake the feeling of someone watching when I stepped out of the room.

I didn't tell Adam this, but how could I?

Our time spent together was precious and sweet. My paranoia would have ruined this. Adam already saw me as over-anxious and informing him that I had an eerie feeling about the castle without any proof of something going on wouldn't help this.

I had brought a few books from Xavier's library that I read during that time.

Often, I would be turning a page in one of the books and catch a glimpse of my ring and become unable of focusing on anything else for a while.

However, something Adam said when he proposed was on replay in my mind: "I know it hasn't been one hundred days yet..."

One part of me couldn't stop thinking about how fast everything was moving.

Two months previous to that, if someone had asked me what I thought about a couple getting engaged after knowing each other for a year, I would have said they were crazy.

I had barely known Adam for a month—not to mention, I hated him for the first week—and now we were engaged.

Was I rushing it?

I knew we were mates... this was destined to happen. But, I couldn't help the thought.

However, the other part of me would've gotten married to him the next day. Forget the dress, the reception, and the preacher... I would've eloped in a courthouse if he had asked me to.

I wanted him so badly.

The thought of finally consummating my relationship with him made my heart palpitate. We had come so close many times, but each time we neared the threshold, I would hear my fourteen-year-old self making a promise to remain a virgin until my wedding night.

When Adam came into the room on our final night in Germany, I had every intention to talk to him about it.

However, when he walked into the room angry, all thoughts of this disappeared.

"What's wrong?" I asked him, putting my book down.

He took a deep breath and took off his jacket.

"Diedrick's being a pain in my ass," he growled.


He sat down next to me on the couch and grabbed my leg to pull me closer to him. Placing my feet in his lap, he sighed.

"He doesn't want to stay here like I had originally planned for him to. He wants to come back to Canada, to stay there."

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