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Rejection on the Alpha #1 | COMPLETED | by BlondeDecember1
Rejection on the Alpha #1 | BlondeDecember1
This wasn't a civilised understanding, people knew of what the Julius Alpha was, what he stood for, which wasn't anything but our strongest of clan leaders. He made the...
Fate be Told by Jtmay10
Fate be Toldby Jordan 💚
Fate. It can be good or bad depending on what it creates. Especially when it involves two werewolves discovering something or someone that would change their lives for...
My Abused Luna✔#Wattys2018 by j_watson
My Abused Luna✔#Wattys2018by J_Watson
Bailey Summers isn't a normal, happy, average, 19 year old werewolf. She has been paying for a "mistake", for over a decade. A "mistake" costing her...
You Belong To me  by jsmnkln
You Belong To me by Jasmin
Werewolves took over the world as she was 10 years old Now every creature has to live by their rules The arena, only humans that have to be punished get in here. I am in...
The Revenge Of A Lycan | Weekly Updates  by Love_Yourself_10_x
The Revenge Of A Lycan | Weekly Love_Yourself_10_x
#1 in Lycantrophe #4 Supernatural "Please don't go," I pleaded, grabbing his wrist as he was about to leave again. "Stay. Atleast for tonight." He...
Trinity (A Werewolf Novel) ✔ by CaitSarai
Trinity (A Werewolf Novel) ✔by Caitlin
[Completed] Every Wolf Moon, humans are selected from each village to be sacrificed to the werewolves; creatures worshipped by humans as godlike figures. In a twist of f...
Ashes to Ashes: The Female Alpha by JasminSega
Ashes to Ashes: The Female Alphaby JasminSega
BOOK 1: (Not Edited) The BlackRain Pack is the Warrior Pack. They are the ghosts that protect the werewolf world from rogues and other creatures. Legend has it that the...
Fill Me, Alpha by JuliannaWrights
Fill Me, Alphaby J U L I A N N A
Marisol tried to live life to the fullest. She attended Rochester University and studied International Studies and Economics. After graduating, she attended law school a...
The unwanted she-wolf [BOOK ONE OF THE BADASS LUNA SERIES] by LillianCresent21
The unwanted she-wolf [BOOK ONE Lilly Cress_x
UNDER MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION!!! In a world where power determined who and where you are in the food chain. Lisa Vanderpump was an Alpha's daughter who hadn't shifted yet...
Once in a Blue Moon (Silver Society Book 7) by CemeteryFaerie
Once in a Blue Moon (Silver Cemetery Faerie
When a lycanthrope hunter comes to Salem, all hell breaks lose in the supernatural community, and Jesse is smack in the middle of the chaos. On top of this, Cierra's fa...
Wild West by kingakim100
Wild Westby Akim Goddard
Karen Njeri, a deputy sheriff, wants to settle down for a peaceful life in the city; however, she can no longer run from her past. It pulls her and Ronny Davis, her love...
Burning by Sableandred
Burningby Andi Sable
Then the scream ended the quiet. His ears were filled with its last piercing notes and his control broke. The fire engulfed his consciousness, tearing across his skin...
Night Robbers by Lemeryems
Night Robbersby Coffee Lemeryems
The twist of a dying light. The blood in her ocean eyes. A vision in her sorrows. A battle against the crown. When Sil's mother died, everything in her life became mean...
Chosen by the Moon by fantasynote
Chosen by the Moonby Anna
It began with a whisper. A distant voice calling out to her, whispering things about a lonely King and his curse. It progressed with a fever. A fire spreading, as the m...
Lycan Pass by bittyspyder
Lycan Passby bittyspyder
Diane Fellow was just on her way to another swim meet when a tragic bus wreck ripped her friends and family away from her, and change her life forever. Saved by an unrea...
Warrior Of The Damned ✔ by thealyssamichelle
Warrior Of The Damned ✔by Alyssa Michelle
Adaleen survived the Holy War. Barely. Her life, her faith, her beliefs are about to be transformed. All because she happened upon an injured wolf pup. But can she surv...
Be My Mate by Ellison001
Be My Mateby EllieGirl
It started with Percy then Max and now, Xander. if that was not enough, I have a true mate in a world that is new to me. A world where I am celebrated and respected. I w...
1993: A Remus Lupin Fanfiction by starlitmoony
1993: A Remus Lupin Fanfictionby starlitmoony
The tragic tale of a young Potions Master's Assistant, smitten with a Lycanthrope who can't bring himself to be with her. Little does he know, he's not the only one harb...
THE JOKER'S BID (Completed)  by Waanjai_Erottika
THE JOKER'S BID (Completed) by ☀️BAI🌻
BEAST : Larry Stylinson AU by thelittlemartian_
BEAST : Larry Stylinson AUby vee (any pronouns except it)
Louis Tomlinson is a monster. He knows he is. That's why he left home. He isolated himself in the woods. Then, one day, he made a mistake. He went back.