v. Camp

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' I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks. '

The next morning Corey found herself awake long before everyone else. She assumed it was her internal clock being so used to getting up at the same time everyday for as long as she could remember, but she didn't mind.

Mainly because of the beautiful sight that she woke up to, a sunrise. It was such a beautiful thing, the blend of colours as the sun rose above the trees and the warm feeling that radiated all around her. 

Corey admired the sight like it was the last time she'd ever see it, for all she knew it could be.

Making sure no one else was awake yet Corey trudged her way back down the the river bed, standing over the water for a minute before she scooped some up in her cupped hands and drank the blissfully clear liquid. 

Looking around a bit she realised the lake creature from the day before wasn't lurking around and she stripped of her jacket and shirt again.

Leaving her in just her bra Corey leaned over the edge, taking a deep breath as she pushed her head under the water, soaking her hair and opening her eyes slightly briefly before closing them again at the slight burn it caused.

Pulling her head from the water Corey swung her hair back, the slap of her wet hair against her back made her shiver as she thread her fingers through it, moving it all to one side after she got rid of the excess water and tying it in a quick braid. 

As she tied her hair, Corey looked back over the river and then at the vines by the trees to her right. Her eyes lit up as she quickly stood, throwing her shirt back on before grabbing a fair amount of the vines and beginning to knot them together as she sat on the protruding rock that hung over the river.


An hour or so later everyone else in their little group turned up, relieved to see the youngest Griffin was not in fact dead as they'd all feared when waking up and there being no sight of her.

Finn had been sufficiently impressed with Corey's idea of swinging over the river and had even offered to go first. 

That's where they were now, Finn stalling to swing over and continuously questioning Corey on her tying skills.

"So you tied them all whilst half asleep?" Finn gulped, looking beside him at the blonde who only rolled her eyes in reply, pushing him forwards slightly to encourage him.

"You wanted to go first, now quit stalling." Clarke reminded as Finn took a deep breath, tightening his grip on the vines "Mount Weather awaits."

"Just take it until the Apogee and you'll be fine." Jasper informed from beside Corey.

"The Apogee? Like the Indians right?" Finn mused playfully as Jasper screwed up his face in confusion.

"Apogee not ApacheJasper re-iterated.

"He knows." Corey rolled her eyes, leaning back against the tree nearest to the three as the others watched from the rocks bellow.

"Today Finn." Clarke smiled, becoming amused with his reluctance.

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