ii. Earth

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' Get lost and find yourself. '

The drop ship shook violently as it was released causing the blonde to jolt awake in her seat.

Blinking, Corey looked around, spotting countless other teenagers strapped in around the room as they plummeted towards earth. 

Corey couldn't remember exactly how she had gotten where she was, or who had strapped her in. But she did remember managing to kick one of the guards in the balls before something sharp was pressed into her lower back and she'd passed out. 

In all honesty she hadn't expected to wake up again, and especially not where she was now.

A few of the teens cried out as the drop ship shook again, rattling loudly. It was then that Corey became aware of the dull throbbing in her wrist. Glancing down in curiosity, she found a large, silver band wrapped around it securely.

Corey didn't recall ever wearing something like this before she passed out so she deduced that someone had put in on her when she was unconscious, she only wondered briefly what it was for.

Suddenly bright lights flooded the ship as multiple screens flickered on, revealing the face of Chancellor Jaha "Prisoners of the Ark, you've been given a second chance."

"And as Chancellor, it is my hope that you see that this is not just a chance for you, but for all of us. Indeed, for mankind itself. We have no idea what is waiting for you down there; if the odds of survival were better, we would have sent down others. Quite frankly, we're sending you, because you're crimes have made you expendable."

Corey glowered at the screen, her hands clenching at her sides in unspoken anger. She wasn't supposed to be here; she had done nothing wrong. 

From somewhere across the cabin, someone shouted "Your dad's a dick, Wells!"

People nodded in agreement, some even laughed, others payed no attention to the comment, Corey was among them. 

The ship rattled again, the lights flickering on and off as the Chancellor continued "The drop ship site has been chosen carefully. Before the last war, Mount Weather was a military base built within a mountain. It was to be stocked with enough non-perishables to sustain three hundred people for two years -- "

Looking away Corey spotted a boy with long-ish brown hair floating around the ship. He was smirking as he flipped through the air and Corey was reminded briefly of Rapunzel.

"Check it out," He said to Wells, crossing his arms as he reclined his body in front of the dark skinned male "Your dad floated me after all."

"Hey dumbass," Corey called out, loud enough to catch peoples attention "Get back in your seat before the parachutes deploy and you die a gruesome death -- Whilst I laugh."

He ignored her as Corey watched two more idiots unbuckle their seat belts and begin to float around the cabin as well. The blonde would be lying if she said it didn't look like fun, but it wasn't worth dying over.

"You must locate these supplies immediately." Chancellor Jaha spoke again, but no-one was listening.

"You're the traitor who spent a year in solitary." The boy mused to a blonde girl, who looked oddly familiar to Corey, she had a feeling it might be Clarke but wouldn't jump to any conclusions yet.

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