xvii. The Meeting

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' I never lost a friend I wanted to keep. '

After Bellamy had gone back to camp to 'keep everyone in line' as he liked to call it, Corey took her chance to sneak away, unknowingly being followed as she made her way quickly and efficiently to a certain grounders home away from home. 

When she made it she quietly removed the grates and slipped in soundlessly, hearing the mutterings of two people talking quietly as she recognised the voices. Octavia and Lincoln.

"Did you hear that?" She heard Octavia question as a sly smirk made it's way onto her face.

"Yes..." Lincoln trailed off in reply as Corey got an idea, she covered her eyes with one hand and began walking with the other held out, navigating her way to the small room using the wall.

Walking in she grinned "I hope everybody's decent because I did not come here for a show." She snickered, removing the hand from over her eyes as she found both Lincoln and Octavia sitting up with the furs around them, both glistening with the after glow of sex and looking like they'd only just gotten back into their clothes "Scandalous, really." The girl tutted with a grin.

"Corey!" Octavia exclaimed as she breathed out in relief "We thought you were another grounder." She groaned, falling back on the furs as Lincoln chuckled.

"Corey." He nodded to the girl with a smile.

"Hey Lincoln." She grinned before letting her eyes wander around the cave, landing on the mess of books in the corner "Are any of those in English?" She questioned, looking over her shoulder at the older man.

"Yes, a lot of them actually." He informed as he stood, pulling Octavia up with him. 

"Could I borrow one?" Corey asked "Leave it here obviously but stop by sometimes and read." She re-iterated, receiving a nod from the grounder as she began sifting through the pile.

"You'd enjoy 'Grimm's complete Fairy Tales.'" He told her as he stepped up to her side, pulling out one of the books from beneath the rest as he blew away the dust, Corey blinking rapidly to avoid getting any in her eyes.

"Fairy Tales?" She questioned curiously "Like Peter Pan?" Corey asked with a childlike giddiness.

"Who?" Lincoln furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. 

"Peter Pan, the free-spirited and mischievous young boy who can fly and never grows up,he spends his never-ending childhood going on adventures on the mythical island of Neverland as the leader of the Lost Boys. A group of ordinary boys taken to the island as they never wish to grow up either. He interacts with fairies, pirates, mermaids and Native Americans. Living out his endless days in a world of magic and wonder." Corey explained simply, running her fingers over the spine of the old book as she looked up at the pair and grinned.

"Your a fan then?" Octavia snickered as Corey rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, reading was my Dad's favourite thing to do with me." Corey smiled at the memory fondly as they two watched her carefully "We both loved Peter Pan, I was seven and I used to say that I'd never grow up." Corey laughed at the memory.

"Well you both need to be getting back before someone realises your gone." Lincoln spoke up after a moments silence. 

Once they'd all made it out of the cave Corey promised to be at the lake in the morning to start on the book as long as nothing happened over night.

Lincoln and Octavia shared another quick kiss as Corey fake gagged from beside them, trying to interrupt them unsuccessfully.

They pulled apart, ignoring Corey as they shared a small, loving smile. Only stopping when branches snapped to their right. 

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