xviii. Virus

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' I remember when I lost my mind. There was something so pleasant about that place, even your emotions have an echo in so much space. '

Corey felt numb, she had since the moment she stopped crying. Too dehydrated to even carry on as she layed on the forest floor and stared aimlessly at the night sky as her thoughts consumed her. 

She would have layed awake all night and stared at the night sky if Bellamy hadn't picked her up and taken her to his tent, tucking her in and sleeping beside the broken girl who seemed to have become suddenly hollow, the tragedy of her Aunt's demise affecting her greatly.

When the group had left the next morning Octavia promised Clarke and Bellamy that she'd watch Corey throughout the day. Nobody knew why but the girls silence worried them so much more than her usual spiteful and angered words.

It wasn't until later on when the day was done and night had fallen when the group was still out that Corey was pulled from her numb state. She'd refused to go anywhere near Jasper as he was praised for his killing and Monty was only egging him on. 

The sound of gunshots caused her to shoot to her feet from her spot beside Miller at the watch post. She ran out after Octavia, both of them making it outside and passed everyone else before they could even realise what was going on.

Octavia and Corey stayed side by side as they approached the figure curled up on the ground, both of them breathing out in relief when they realised it wasn't Lincoln.

Octavia reached out carefully to the figure though the second her hand came in contact with the persons shoulder they flinched away dramatically. Scrambling down the hill before the bloodied and bruised figure looked up at them all fearfully.

"Murphy?" Octavia breathed in shock.


Multiple people stayed guarding Murphy in the dropship as Corey tried to clean him up, the boy hissed and moved away each time she would get close. 

Eventually Corey gave up with an aggravated groan and instead sat back against the opposite wall waiting for Clarke and Bellamy to arrive.

"Where is he?" Bellamy fumed as he entered, everyone moving to create a space that they could walk right towards him at "Everyone but Connor and Derek out." He ordered "Now!" He shouted when no one made a move to leave.

"He claims he was with the grounders." Derek informed causing Corey to scoff, the Griffin girl ignored as Bellamy tried to get her to leave. 

"No," She sarcastically replied to Derek "I thought he'd encountered a very unhappy family of squirrels." She sarcastically replied, motioning to the boys horrific physical state.

"We caught him trying to sneak back into camp." Connor continued as both him and Derek kept their guns trained on Murphy.

"I wasn't sneaking, I was running from the grounders." Murphy rasped as Corey leaned back against the wall.

"Anyone see grounders?" Bellamy questioned, but no one said anything "Well in that case." He raised his gun ready to shoot him. 

To Corey's own surprise she wasn't the one who protested, in fact it was Finn "Hey what the Hell is wrong with you!" Finn snapped.

"We were clear what would happen if he came back." Bellamy replied sternly as he positioned the gun again, stopping when Finn stepped in front of it. 

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