ix. The Hanging

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' I stare at my hands. They're shaking, red-palmed I collapse onto my knees, rubbing them into the grass and dirt. Looking for something to hide what I'd done - but there is none, because a lost girl can't hide her past. '

Corey found herself in one of the larger tents not long after the incident with Murphy, Octavia having gone and gotten the blonde girl, whispering about it being urgent.

The moment she entered the tent Corey could tell why Octavia had been so off. On the table lied Wells three missing fingers with a knife beside them, made out of metal from the dropship.

"Holy shit." She muttered, picking up the knife and inspecting it as Clarke handed it to her.

"This knife was made with metal from the dropship." Clarke pointed out as Corey handed it back over, not feeling particularly comfortable holding the weapon someone had murdered Wells with.

"What do you mean?" Jasper questioned, his eye's gaunt and fearful, telling Corey he already had his suspicions.

She reached up and rubbed her hand up his arm before he took hold of her hand, squeezing it in apprehension.

"Who else knows about this?" Bellamy asked his little sister.

"No one, we brought it straight here before I went to get Corey." Octavia filled them in from her position bent over the table, looking up at her brother as she spoke.

"Clarke?" Jasper asked again, hoping for an answer that could help him understand better.

"It means the grounders didn't kill Wells," She spoke hoarsely "It was one of us."

"So there's a murderer in the camp?" Jasper whispered as he fidgeted uncomfortably.

"There's more than one murderer in this camp." Bellamy said harshly, causing Corey to flinch slightly "Corey I didn't mean -" 

"I know, It's whatever." She muttered in reply, her voice cracking slightly as she bit her lip.

Octavia set a hand on Corey's shoulder, giving it a light squeeze before she let it fall to her side again. The Blake girl had taken sympathy on Corey when she found out that she'd been the one to kill Atom in the end. All of them had been sympathetic actually after Clarke had explained to Jasper, Monty, Finn and Octavia how Corey's parents had raised her to believe killing was always wrong. 

The older of the two cousins had become worried about Corey over recent days, she'd shown no signs of the events affecting her and that was what had worried Clarke most. As children Corey had always been the more emotional and outgoing one, she was open about most things and seeing her like this made her think that her time in captivity had really changed her for the worse.

Bellamy sighed before continuing "This isn't news, we need to keep it quiet." He told them as Clarke tried to leave, the freckled man stepping in her way before she could.

"Get out of my way Bellamy." Clarke fumed, steam practically coming from her ears as she tried to pass him again.

"Be smart about this," He advised, keeping his eyes on Clarke as he spoke "Look at what we've achieved, the walls, the patrols, like it or not them thinking the grounders killed Wells is good for us." He tried to reason, but Clarke was having none of it.

"Oh good for you, you mean. What? Keep people afraid and they'll work for you?" Clarke sneered in distaste "Is that it?"

"Yeah, that's it. But it's good for all of us." He told her evenly as the other three watched on in silence "Fear of the grounders is building the wall, and besides what are you gonna do, just walk out there and ask the killer to step forward?" Bellamy sassed as he kept a straight face, challenging Clarke "You don't even know who's knife that is."

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