xii. Grounder

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' Some beautiful paths can be discovered without getting lost. '

When Corey finally gained consciousness it was anything but a good thing. If she'd had any kind of food or water in her system then she would have thrown it up again.

Her head was pounding violently and her body ached like you wouldn't believe.

She quickly realised someone was screaming but it took her a minute to realise that someone was her. There was a strong mass pushing down on her chest causing her to cry out again as she managed to open her eyes.

The sight before her was anything but reassuring as she found who she assumed to be a grounder crouched over her, pushing down on her presumably broken or fractured ribs as he cracked them painfully back into place.

"Please," Corey managed to choke out as she raised a hand to try and stop him "Stop." She sobbed before another scream ripped through her throat.

Everything was black again.


The next time she woke up it was due to the sound of screaming again. This time though it wasn't her.

Turning her head slightly, Corey found the same man who had helped her -- well she hoped he was helping and not trying to kill her -- holding a red hot knife to Octavia's leg where a large gash that must have been caused by the fall was.

Corey heaved at the smell of burning flesh and then choked on her own breath as a sharp pain shot through her body, sending her once again into an unconscious state as her body struggled to cope with the pain.


Finally Corey decided that luck must be on her side as the next time her eyes opened, no one was being tortured into good health or screaming in pain. 

Instead, she found Octavia kneeling beside her, a worried look on her face as she looked from opening in the wall to Corey "Your awake!" She cried in a whisper-shout as she went to hug the blonde, seeming to reconsider as she stopped and looked at Corey's midsection.

"I didn't know you'd miss me that much 'tavia." She mumbled just above a whisper as the younger girl scoffed quietly.

"Oh no, I was just worried Bellamy would lose his cuddle buddy." She retorted smoothly causing Corey to grimace.

"I would so punch you right now if i was able to lift my arm." Corey warned as she licked her chapped lips causing Octavia to smile.

Her smile quickly faltered though as she remembered the situation they were in, she looked Corey over again before she sighed, cursing quietly under her breath "We need to get out of here Core." Octavia whispered.

Corey attempted to move more as she found she was more mobile than she'd expected, she had that last running bit of strength that allowed her to move her body fully, but the pain it caused was not worth it and she knew her strength wouldn't last.

"You need to get out of here Octavia," She re-iterated as the younger girl went to protest, quickly being cut off as Corey held up her hand to silence her "If i stand, I'm gonna fall down and at this rate I won't be getting back up again." She whispered, her voice still scratchy and sore.

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