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' Moments when lost can't be found again, they're just gone. '

Her mind woke up before she did. Not yet physically responsive, but images flashed around in her mind. 

Her first few memories, her and her father playing the silent game when they were required to hide in the walls of her aunt Abby's room. Her mother teaching her everything there was to know about the Ark.

She remembered meeting Jasper and Monty and play time being cut short when she was seven. She remembered her fathers final goodbye and his body being sucked out through the air lock before she watched her mother do the same thing.

Then there seemed to be this void, she could remember it all perfectly, but her time in lock up had changed her for the worst. She remembered the visits her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin were aloud once a year, she remembered how Clarke was stopped from going at eleven for sneaking extra food and books into her Cell.

She remembered earth and the beauty of it all, that short sweet moment when everything seemed perfect again, when she found Clarke, Monty and Jasper. When she met Octavia and Finn and Lincoln and... Bellamy.

She remembered every coherent moment with Bellamy. How he'd cared for her before they even knew who one another were, how he came to love her for the tragic mess that she was. How he kissed her, how we loved her. And now he was dead.

Her eyes shot open, instantly closing again as the bright white lights momentarily blinded her. Corey was reminded at that moment of the drop ship and when it'd first landed. How the light that had seeped in had been far too bright to comprehend.

The next thing she noticed was the velvety soft material she was lying on and for a moment she could have convinced herself that she was back in Lincoln's cave, teasing and making jokes with Octavia and Lincoln.

She let her eyes flutter open again, adjusting to the light before she went to push herself up, regretting it and groaning as her hands flew down to her side, finally remembering the injuries she'd sustained throughout the fight. 

Corey coughed before moving her shirt up, finding large pads of white gauze wrapped securely around her thin stomach before ripping out the wires and drips that were connected to her arms, restricting her movements.

She realised, worriedly, that her clothes had been changed, she was now in an all white outfit, a simple white flowing shirt and white leggings with no shoes. 

Swinging her legs around slowly, Corey hopped off onto the cold floor, flinching but not moving as she let her feet get used to the temperature that she compared to that of the metal floors of her cell.

She looked around apprehensively, taking in the simple room that held more luxury than her cell ever had. She approached the door, quickly realising there was a window that may be able to give her some kind of indication to where the hell she was.

She wasn't sure until then, but the fear was definitely sinking in as she let her hands curl around the small window frame, painfully pushing herself up on her tiptoes before looking out into the hall.

There wasn't much to see other than the slightly darker grey walls and the small table that held a vase of fake flowers, Corey could visibly see that it was fake, there was no doubt about it after spending so much time outside.

Movement caused her eyes to move from the plant across from her as she looked up, gasping at the sight of someone in a hazmat suit as they opened the door opposite her, the rough outline of a person being visible as they cowered back from their place on the bed in the opposite room.

"Hey, hey!" Corey began to shout in alarm, not knowing what was going on "Hey! Who are you?! Where am I?!" Taking a deep breath Corey tried to move and catch sight of whoever was in the room opposite her, she was able to deduce it was a girl due to the way they held themselves but that was about it "Someone Help!" Corey screamed causing the person in the hazmat suit to turn, catching sight of Corey watching them and closing the door to the room she'd entered.

Moving back across the room Corey grabbed the photo frame from the wall, already fed up with the stupid thing as she smashed it against the camera above the door.

"Come and get me Bitch." She whispered dangerously as she opened the side draws near the bed, finding a pair of scissors and breaking them in half to have a weapon in each hand. 

She was prepared for whatever life would throw at her this time, for Corey Griffin was Lost Again and she was not ready to back down this time.


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