i. Prisoner 216

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' I can play very annoying girl, very lost girl and all the things on the spectrum between. '

How do you know whats wrong and whats right after being raised by a man who's existence was a crime and a woman who believed foul play was the answer to everything?

Why was it that some people were born with a high chance of survival and others were born with such little chance of surviving past the age of eighteen?

These were just a few of the daily thoughts that tended to spiral around in Corey Griffin's mind, the reason she supposed, was that after being held in captivity for over half of her life the isolation was finally getting to her and turning her insane.

How could one blame her really. The girl had only been a child when it was discovered her father was an illegal second born and her mother was the infamously known Robin Hood of the Ark.

Corey, much like her father, had been kept a secret for the majority of her life, though she was given more freedom and had been aloud to roam the halls of the Ark as long as she was home on time.

She remembered all to well the day it all changed as her Aunt Abby crouched down in front of her, tears threatening to spill from her own eyes as she smiled weakly at her niece, trying to calm her own nerves as she struggled to deal with the situation.

When she'd broken the news to her, Corey had been devastated, younger than ten and still great minded with so much potential.

She'd got to say her tearful goodbyes before she watched both her parents quite literally get the life sucked out of them as their bodies were sucked into space to join the stars.

Corey would never forget the last sentence her father spoke to her, it was the only thing that kept her going most days "I'm not afraid lost girl, I was born to do this, to fly higher than most imagine and to breathe air that none can fathom, because one day you will concur earth and I will rule from the Heavens."

Sometimes Corey would sit up late at night in her cell -- the only indication it was night being when the lights turned out -- and she would wonder how long it took her father to come up with that one sentence he knew would forever be embedded in her mind, because Thomas Griffin was a lot like that, he'd been a brilliant man with an even more brilliant mind.

It was no wonder he and her mother had fallen in love, considering who she was.

Grace Romera was famous among the Arks inhabitants by a different name, Robin Hood.

The only thing about the crimes her mother committed was that they weren't just acts of random rebellion or motivated attempts at collecting much needed supplies, they were organised attacks to help innocents on the Ark.

Corey looked up to her mother with such pride and admiration, the woman had not only been her own Robin hood but also one of the Arks best mechanics.

Though that had meant nothing when the Chancellor had stared her mother down as he pushed the button to send both her parents bodies out into space, an immediate and seemingly painless death.

Corey had been left an orphan, being sent to the sky box to pay time for her families crimes at such a young age. 

So there the girl was, still confined to those four metal walls almost ten years later, not having seen outside of them since she was arrested that day.

That day had seemed like any other when Corey woke up, feeling tired still after sleeping restlessly that night, her mind plagued with the images of her parents bodies being sucked into space was one that tended to leave an impression.

Corey would often enjoy the silence of her cell, considering she was a significant distance from the others prisoners back in solitary.

The teens innocent -- save slightly morbid -- thoughts, were brought to an abrupt stop when the airlock on the door sounded.

The girls brows furrowed as she pushed herself up onto her feet and stood in front of her makeshift bed.

She watched as the door slid open, the confusion clear on her face as she rolled her shoulders slightly, being a long term resident in the sky box she'd long ago become accustomed to the timings of the day and could state exactly when meals would arrive and when the light would turn on and off.

This was not one of those times.

This was an extremely rare occurrence considering the Arks officials rarely broke protocol with unannounced visitors, something Corey hadn't been given the privilege of since she was twelve and her cousin had tried to slip her some extra food and had been caught, she hadn't seen her cousin since then and her remaining family had been denied any visitation rights other than on her birthday each year.

The previous year had undoubtedly been the worst though as her Aunt arrived to tell her about her Uncles death and her Cousins arrest.

So when the door opened fully and guards stepped in carrying a case of some sort as they readied their weapons, Corey's mind went to the worst case scenario.

They were going to float her -- a year early -- for the crime of simply being born.

"Prisoner 2-1-6 face the wall and hold out your right arm." 

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