iii. Confrontation

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' I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. '

In the heat of the whole 'we're on earth' Commotion, Corey left Clarke to look over the map as she wandered around kicking at the dirt under her boots and enjoying the feel of the leaves as they rubbed against her palms.

Making her way in and out of the crowds of people Corey caught sigh of an Asian guy with a lanky brunette standing next to him, both of who'm were looking at Corey with calculating gazes causing her to shift slightly on her feet as a small smile made its way onto her face.

"Monty? Jasper?" The blonde questioned as she got closer to the pair, both their eyes widening comically as they stared at the beautiful blonde in front of them, remembering their small blonde -- not so curvy and a lot more nerdy -- friend from childhood.

They shared a sideways glance before turning back to the blue eyed girl who continued to beam up at the pair in delight. 

Corey had spent countless amounts of time wondering what it would be like to see her childhood best friends again, what they'd look like and how they'd react to her showing up after all these years.

Obviously, the copious amounts of scenarios she'd concocted in her mind never took place on earth nine years after she'd last seen them, but never the less the blonde couldn't have asked for a better reunion.

A flicker of recognition sparked in Monty's eyes as he looked at the blonde, studying her electric blue eyes that sparkled in the light and the wide grin that was somehow familiar to him, she reminded him of their old best friend. Scrap that, she was their old best friend "Corey?" The boy questioned as Jasper's eyes widened gaping at the shapely blonde before him.

"Who else Dipshit." Corey teased as she rolled her bright eyes, feeling for the second time in the past hour as a weight push against her as her two best friends leapt forwards, enveloping the girl in a tight hug that they all refused to let go of.

Jasper suddenly pulled back with a faux angry look on his face as he scowled at the girl "Where have you been young lady?" He mocked whilst the other two tried not to laugh at his ridiculous behaviour "One minute we're running through the halls playing Tag and the next, poof! Your gone!" 

"Really though Core, what happened?" Monty questioned as they both looked at the girl for answers.

Corey sighed before giving in and telling them a brief version of what happened, her father being a second child, her mother being a criminal and her eventual arrest when she was a kid for being born.

Seeing as she wasn't supposed to exist, the council had decided that lowering her portion size at meal times and giving her less oxygen would help to conserve some of that her father had 'wrongfully' been using his entire life.

After a quick catch up and Corey forcing the boys to tell her about why they had been arrested, she'd also taken the time to slap them both when she heard about their recreational activities.

They all started making their way over to Clarke, Jasper in the lead as he chose to 'use his charm' on Clarke.

Corey and Monty shared a look, both trying not to laugh as they imagined justt how badly this was going to end.

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