xvi. Unity Day

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' We only know that something is important to us when we are afraid to lose it. '

Corey had thankfully been given the all clear by Clarke after an additional week spent being monitored on what she ate where she went and what she did.

She was thankful because she was becoming worried that if Clarke asked her to 'Eat just a little bit more' or 'Let me come with you' one more time then she was going to scream.

Corey sat in Monty's make-shift moonshine brewery beside the boy himself with Jasper opposite them. The three could vaguely hear the Chancellor saying the usual unity day speech from the monitor outside, but none of them were particularly interested anyway.

The tent that they sat in was filled with three fairly large barrels of Moonshine as Monty gave them a few more minutes to stew in the heat he and Corey had created using natural elements. Jasper was loving it as he continued to pretend he was breathing out the smoke like a dragon every time he'd manage to inhale it.

"Okay that one's done, go and let the public drink." Monty grinned as he got two cups and filled them, handing one to Corey as Jasper jumped up, grabbing the barrel and running out whooping and cheering.

"Yeah! Monty strikes again!" They heard him calling as he left "We call this batch unity juice, who's thirsty?" The boy trailed off as Monty and Corey turned to each other.

"Idiot." They both mumbled at the same time before taking a leisurely sip of the clear but strong liquid. Corey smirked as she pulled the cup away from her mouth, enjoying the burn as Monty whooped. 

"Go," Monty said to Corey as he turned to her "Go have fun Core, I'll be out in a minute." He smiled as the girl stood.

"Well if you insist." She teased before running out, her limp still present as her ribs weren't yet healed.

She could hear Monty's laughter from inside the tent and quickly pushed through the crowd of people circling Jasper and the moonshine. 

"Fill me up Jazz." She smirked as the goggle clad boy whooped again.

"Already on your second round Core? Someone's ready to get wasted." He laughed as he refilled the cup, saying a quick see you later as the girl made her way back out of the crowd.

As the girl began walking over to the monitor she spotted Octavia skirting the outside of the walls as she made her way out of the gate.

When she got there she stopped and turned to make sure no one was watching, catching Corey's eye and putting a finger to her lips in a shushing motion. 

Corey only nodded in reply with a wink causing Octavia to roll her eyes before she slipped out  without anyone else noticing. Or at least that's what they thought.

Finn walked up beside the youngest Griffin girl as she sipped innocently on her moonshine, watching the end of the unity day speech.

"Where was Octavia going?" Finn questioned as he leaned in slightly to Corey, his hair falling in his eyes before he brushed it away.

"Octavia? I don't know, haven't spoken to her all day." Corey shrugged, she wasn't lying, technically she hadn't spoken to the youngest Blake that day and she didn't know for sure where she was going, other than that she was meeting Lincoln.

Corey had only seen Lincoln two times since they helped him escape, that was on the two days when she had managed to get out at sunrise, sneaking passed the guards and going to the lake like usual. 

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