xix. Useless

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' We're all just lost souls, hoping for a tomorrow that will be better than today. '

Corey stood in the smoke house with Octavia, the two joking around as they cut and hung the meat ready for it to be cooked.

"So how far are you into that book?" Octavia questioned with a huff as she reached up and hung a large slab of venison. 

"Not far really, there's like," Corey hissed as she went to raise her arm, nudging at her ribs that were still pretty battered "150 individual stories to read." She grunted as she hooked the meat.

"Take a second." Octavia advised, grabbing a makeshift bottle of water and throwing it to Corey who guzzled the drink before setting it on the side.

"Let's get this party smoking." One of the delinquents joked as he walked in, feeding more wood to the fire.

"You don't want the fire too big so maybe just try to knock it down with some wet leaves." Octavia told him calmly as she spread out some of the meat, Corey standing to alert when she saw the look on the delinquents face.

"You get that from your boyfriend? Grounder pounder." The boy sneered distastefully as Corey turned to him sharply, grabbing his collar and shoving him back as she held him over the fire slightly.

"Watch it, or do you wanna know how hot fire can really get?" She hissed before Octavia pulled her back, the boy almost falling back into the fire as the hold Corey had on him was released.

"She's right, hot fires not gonna reserve the meat as well." Murphy interrupted as he walked in, sending a wary look Corey's way "Hold of on killing people just yet Psycho, save that for the grounders." 

"What can't take the heat? Get out of the smokehouse." The delinquent said as he sorted out his jacket "You should be kissing our asses for being allowed back inside this camp." He huffed before turning to leave "Just keep working." He directed to Corey and Octavia as the former took a threatening step forward.

"Brother couldn't get you a better job? Wouldn't anything be better than working in the meat furnace." Murphy questioned Octavia before his gaze flickered over to Corey, the blonde had gone back to battering the meat to soften it for cooking but also to take out her anger "And you, you guys have been getting cosy, those not the kind of privileges you've been receiving." Murphy assumed.

"Well probably," Octavia began as Corey ignored Murphy "That just means someone else would have to do it." She pointed out.

The two girls continued to work as Murphy stayed, beginning to help as he hung some of the larger cuts that Corey couldn't handle.

The odd peace between them didn't last long though as the tent began to heat up considerably, the fire growing dangerously high before any of them could notice the true danger.

"The fire!"  "Fire!"  "Get out of there!" People began to shout as Corey turned to Octavia and Murphy, the three quickly manoeuvring their way around the fire and almost getting burned as they made it out, Murphy and Corey supporting Octavia as she got the brunt of the smoke and coughed it up violently.

"Are you okay!" Bellamy demanded as he approached the two girls, both nodding mutely as they coughed up the smoke in their lungs.

"This is all your fault." Murphy sneered as he approached the guy who had continued feeding the fire  "We told you that it was too much wood."

"Get the hell away from me man!" The guy demanded as he pushed Murphy back, Corey rising to her feet as she shoved the guy back, almost into the fire again as she held him where he could feel the heat on his arms "What the hell is wrong with you!" He feared as he moved himself from Corey's arms only to end up right back in Murphy's as they began to fight. 

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