xiii. Contacting The Ark

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' Life is heavy and I have lost my strength. '

"Clarke! Where's Clarke!?" Jasper shouted as he entered camp with both Corey and Octavia leaning on him for support. 

Clarke ran straight to her cousin and gasped at the state she was in before Jasper motioned behind him.

Bellamy grunted as he stepped into camp with Finn in his arms, unconscious and bloodied with the knife still sticking out of his chest.

"Finn! Oh my god!" She shouted in alarm as she approached the pair. 

Monty appeared beside Jasper as he helped move Corey trying to get her to got to the dropship. The girl only getting worse as she went longer without proper medical attention and food. 

Corey was stubborn though, her Uncle Jake always said she got it from her Mom. As she refused help the whole way back, knowing that Finn was the priority right then.

"Oh my god." A new and unfamiliar face muttered as she stopped beside Octavia, Corey and Monty, Jasper joining Clarke's side as they conversed quickly.

"Get him in the dropship now. Go!" She instructed before turning to Corey "Get her in there as well," Corey went to protest but Clarke was quick to interrupt "I don't want you out of my sight Corey, not until I find out whats wrong with you." She told her as Monty and Jasper began taking her into the dropship, setting her down on the floor before going to look for something else she could be more comfortable on.


It didn't take long for the storm to pick up outside as Corey sat against the wall beside Ravens work station. She'd been given multiple blankets by Monty and Jasper as they wrapped her up in them, the girl having broken into another cold sweat and started gagging when she tried to eat.

Clarke had only been able to quickly check her and confirmed that one of her ribs had been broken and the other one fractured when she fell down the hill, which was in turn making it hard for her to eat. 

Luckily though they were able to get minimal amounts of fluid into her system and ensure she wouldn't die in her sleep due to severe dehydration.

Over the past few hours she'd been introduced to Raven who tried to keep her own mind off of things by explaining to Corey how her aunt had helped with the pod and what had happened when she made it to earth. 

Once she'd finished telling her though, Raven found it hard to concentrate over the noise from the storm outside and Finn's constant groaning as Clarke tried to soothe him.

"Come in Ark station, this is Raven Reyes. Calling Ark station, please come in." Raven continued to try the radio as Clarke made her way over, looking worriedly at her cousin who lay amidst a collection of blankets and sleeping bags still shivering.

"Are you sure you have the right frequency?" Monroe questioned as she stood on the other side of Ravens work station, which used to be Monty's.

"Yeah I'm sure!" Raven snapped as she glared up at the girl.

"Raven," Clarke soothed "You can do this, okay." She reassured before turning back to the door.

"And even if you can't you still got further than Monty did." Corey mumbled as she leaned her head against Raven's thigh. The older girl not caring about the contact as she sarcastically patted Corey on the cheek.

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