xx. Preperations

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' Let's get lost. I know the way. I've been there before. '

Corey stood on top of one of the mossy tree branches high above the ground, scoping out the area as she listened to the conversations going on bellow. 

She'd been struggling to keep going as she considered what could have happened to Clarke, Monty and Finn. As much as she hated to admit it, she agreed with Bellamy to some degree.

If they went out there now and lost more people, they'd be screwed. But at the same time all she wanted to do was go out there and find them.

"Better hope those land mines work." Bellamy directed to Jasper and Raven, the blonde had been able to help them when balancing the chemicals and she was almost positive that they would work "All the gunpowder we're wasting and we could be making more grenades." He stressed.

Raven sighed as she sat up on her knees, looking up at Bellamy before she spoke "Your girlfriends the one that put together the formula, so if you trust her trust them." She indicated to the land mine she was setting up.

"Yeah Bell you wanna come over here and test one?" Corey remarked coolly from her place in the tree.

"Cute," He sassed as he looked up at Corey who smiled sarcastically in turn "I need this entire section mined by morning." Bellamy informed "Then we finish the south field." 

"Hey!" Raven protested as she got to her feet "I told you, we're going after Finn, Clarke and Monty in the morning." She narrowed her eyes.

"And I told you, nobody leaved this camp." He finalised, trying to walk away.

"I'm talking to you." Raven protested as she caught his arm "We can't just abandon our people. You wanna lead them, show 'em you give a damn." She hissed.

As Bellamy went to reply a gunshot rang out, people instantly becoming alert as they ran to the source of the noise.

"You couldn't have helped me out?" Raven sighed as she looked up at Corey, the blonde shrugging as she quickly jumped down from the tree beside Raven.

They jogged to catch up with Bellamy as he furiously approached the boy who'd shot a round from his gun.

"What the hell is the matter with you?!" Bellamy demanded as he rounded on the frightened boy.

"I'm sorry man I fell asleep," He quickly apologised "I -- I -- I've been on watch all day." He managed to stutter out.

"We've all been on watch all day!" Bellamy shouted as he grabbed the kid by the collar of his jacket, pushing him back against the fence threateningly "That bullet was one less dead grounder." 

"Bell," Octavia soothed "Your scaring people." She told him quickly.

"They should be scared!" He ground out "The bomb on the bridge brought us some time, yeah, but that time is up!" He told them as he walked back out into the crowd "The grounders are out there right now!" He told them as everyone gathered to listen "Waiting for us to leave and picking us off one by one when we do! Clarke, Finn and Monty are gone," He sadly informed as his gaze flickered over to Corey, lingering there before he moved on "Probably dead. And if you wanna be next I can't stop you." He stressed desperately "But no guns are leaving this camp! This camp, is the only thing keeping us alive!" Bellamy sighed "Get back to work." He conceded as he turned to leave, Corey running and catching up to him as she wrapped her arms securely around his waist.

"We'll be okay." She reassured, her voice muffled by Bellamy's back. 

"We don't know that Core." He sighed as he held her hands over his stomach.

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