xv. Lincoln

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' Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, and missed you, because one day you may wake up and realise, you lost the moon whilst counting the stars. '

Corey had been moved outside on Clarke's orders to get some much needed fresh air and begin to move around more independently.

The older blonde had entrusted Jasper and Monty to keep an eye on her cousin as they packed nuts into individual packets. 

The three stood around one of the work stations, Corey laying on her back across the top as they talked about random things.

"What do you think they'll do with the grounder?" Jasper questioned as he packed up some of the nuts.

"I'd rather not think about it." Monty muttered unhappily.

"They wont do anything." Corey interrupted as she glared sideways at the two from her place on the table top.

"Core I didn't mean it like that..." Jasper trailed of guiltily, the girl only nodding her head absently in reply "But it's been days since Bellamy captured him." 

"Abducted him." Corey interrupted again getting a berry thrown at her head by her lanky friend.

Monty rolled his eyes at the girl as Jasper spoke again "How long till his friends come looking?" He worried as he cracked more nut shells.

Monty nudged his best friend in the shoulder as he gave him a smile "Cheer up, by that time, we'll all be dead from hypothermia." He chuckled as he popped a nut in his mouth, Corey laughing at the boys bad joke.

Monty motioned for Jasper to open his mouth as he chucked a nut up for him, the boy catching it in his mouth as the three cheered childishly, giving each other a fake high five like they did back on the Ark, Corey wincing at the pain it caused as the two boys laughed at her.

Corey moved slightly from her spot and accidentally let her eyes meet another pair from across the camp. She froze as she stared at his dark brown orbs from a distance, the man not breaking eye contact until Clarke nudged him for them to leave. 

She stopped though as she looked around and found Corey with her eyes, quickly making her way over as Corey hurriedly looked away from Bellamy, sitting up as her cheeks brightened and she hoped no one saw the intense eye contact the two had held. 

Though there was no such luck as she saw Monty and Jasper wiggling their eyebrows at her, causing her to roll her eyes as she sent them a warning look. 

"Core I'm going on a trip with Bellamy, We should be back by nightfall but If we're not then you two," She looked up at Jasper and Monty "Need to make sure she eats and keeps her wound clean, remember to redress it before she goes up to the third floor or it could get infected." She instructed as they all sarcastically saluted the older blonde simultaneously "Idiots." She mumbled as she walked away leaving the three friends to snicker behind her back. 

"So," Monty began as he glanced sideways at Jasper "You and Bellamy?" 

Corey groaned as she flipped the two off "There is no 'Me and Bellamy'." She denied instantly.

"Sure Core, whatever you say." Jasper relented sarcastically as Corey turned back in the direction Bellamy and Clarke were leaving in, giving the Blake boy one last small smile before he disappeared from sight "Definitely nothing." The two snickered as Corey reached over and punched them both, biting her tongue to keep from reacting to the pain it caused.


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