vii. Killer

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' Lost doesn't mean alone. '

The next day Corey made her way out to the river again to clear her head, this time though she didn't stay long, she took the time to wash her face quickly and soaked her feet in the water for a while before making her way back.

Although she knew some may say it was a worthless act, walking for an hour to the lake, spending half an hour there and walking an hour back, but she found it comforting, almost like a routine that she could uphold to keep her sanity, similar to what she'd done on the Ark.

She also knew that if anyone was to tell Clarke, Monty or Jasper - when he was back on his feet - that she left for hours at a time each day on her own, then she'd probably never see the outside of the camp again.

On the outskirts of camp she found Bellamy and his hunting party getting ready to head out, when she went to pass them a hand reached out and stopped her.

"Where have you been?" Bellamy's asked, his deep voice as sexy and intimidating as ever.

Right after thinking that Bellamy Blake of all people was 'Sexy' Corey mentally slapped herself. Repeatedly.

"Went for a walk, Is that a problem Chancellor Blake?" Corey sassed as she turned to him, watching his jaw clench at the new name.

"Don't call me that." He firmly stated as he looked right into her eyes.

Corey let her eyes fall to the ground slightly, not liking the intense eye contact they were holding.

"Your coming hunting with us." He said suddenly as her head snapped up.

"What? No I'm not." She tried to protest, trying to pry his hand from her arm and failing miserably.

"Why Bellamy? What use is she gonna be anyway?" One of Bellamy's goons, Connor, asked.

"She's the fastest in camp, that could come in handy." He stated as some muttered in agreement and others tried to protest.

"Doesn't matter anyway, I'm not going anywhere with you Blake." Corey denied, finally managing to pry his hand from her arm "Where's Clarke?" She asked.

"She went out with Wells and Finn to get some plant to use for medicine." Atom informed her causing Corey to frown.

"But Monty's still here, and we can always tell him you went out on your own. Again." Bellamy smirked, knowing he'd caught her between a rock and a hard place as she ground her teeth together.

"Fine," She huffed "But I wan't a knife."


They'd wandered for a while before coming across a wild hog, it was snuffling around in the dirt looking for food as they closed in on it.

Bellamy hushed the others as he raised his axe "She's mine." He informed, stepping forwards slightly and spinning the axe.

As he was about to throw it branches snapped behind them and Bellamy span around, chucking the axe full pelt were it lodged itself into a tree, less than three feet from a little girl no older than twelve looked from the weapon to Bellamy in fear.

The hog squealed loudly, taking off into the forest as some of the boys went after it, only a few staying behind with Bellamy and Corey as they approached the girl.

"Who the hell are you?" Bellamy asked, coming to stand in front of the girl.

"Charlotte." She stuttered out in fear.

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