Now to get my brothers, eat a bit of a snack since I had breakfast. 'Get the bag so we aren't screamed at by teachers and I feel the need to hurt them.' And then we'd be ready to go and at the end of the day we'd be able to talk to Moon.

It was an easy plan without anything that could go wrong. Even if my bag was chewed my mom had backup backpacks to use and I knew nothing really could go wrong today. Max was fine, Alex was fine. Isaac was being his normal peachy Death vessel self.

'Yeah he stopped killing birds months ago thankfully. No more seeing dad sweeping up dead birds and giving them burials. Literally a big hole full of birds.' Yeah but everything was good. Nothing was going to go wrong today there was just no way possible things could go wrong.

Nothing was going to happen to change up my day. The dogs were fine and in peak condition. Aries had his vet visit a week ago. My brothers were all fine and things were going to go smoothly today. 'Yes they will.' After all I wasn't Dalton and Isabella.

"So when are you and this fae girl going to meet up?" Max asked as we sat outside in study hall

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"So when are you and this fae girl going to meet up?" Max asked as we sat outside in study hall. "Don't know, but she'll appear I have a good feeling." I told him.

'A good feeling that Moon will be coming over to talk to us. It might not happen instantly as you know classes. But this is the last class of the day.' Max looked down at his homework in his lap as I was on my iPhone 7 having finished all my homework.

I heard the clicking of heels from boots. It wasn't as loud but more of a thud with a heel and I glanced up hoping to see one of those pack sluts. They got annoying quickly. All, he, he hi Noah and shit. 'And we have a mate now.'

I looked up to see Moon walk by in a pair of combat boots with a chunky heel explaining the heel noise that was a thud. Good not a pack slut. But my mate. Moon looked at me those purple eyes nervous, more nervous than yesterday as she came over.

"Noah." Moon said and Max's head snapped up. "Oh damn, you actually got a pretty mate." Max blurted out and I elbowed him in the side making him snicker. "Stop acting like Andrew." I responded. "Andrew is more mean, I'm just stating the obvious." Max responded smiling at her.

'Well Andrew is more blunt. Least he isn't becoming her best friend like Andrew did with Isabella.' I nodded. "Who are you?" Moon asked and Max stood up. "Max, Noah's younger brother. And you are his mate?" Max asked extending his hand out to her and Moon eyed it but shook it.

"Moon." Moon said giving only her name and I smiled just a bit. "That's pretty, and it matches your hair. That silver color, silver is trending you know. Must be nice to have natural silver hair considering what you are." Max said with a smile. 'Oh he is just babbling trying to appear nice.'

It was something Max did. Dalton was nice but he didn't talk to many people much less girls. Max was overly nice trying to keep conversation which resulted to him just rambling on when the conversation has died. "Ok Max." I said and Max stopped before smiling a little bit nervously.

"I wanted to talk to you." Moon said playing with the strap of her backpack. 'She found us to talk to us! Not her waiting for us to find her. Isn't that just cute?' "Go on." I responded and Moon looked at Max the purple eyes not hostile thankfully.

Just uncomfortable began to wonder what she wanted to talk about. Now I felt nervous. "Alone." Moon added. "Max can you give us a moment?" I asked Max who nodded. "It was nice meeting you Moon." Max said before walking off leaving Moon and I alone in the hallway.

"So is everything ok?" I asked. 'She doesn't look ok. I hope she isn't here to turn us down or something bad happened. What if her parents forbid us?' That thought made me angry but I didn't say anything simply waited for Moon to speak. She nodded before looking at me.

"I might of done something stupid." Moon said. "What?" I asked nervously. Moon sat down. "So I'm an Unseelie ok, I'm sure you know that. My dad is an Unseelie Knight, one of the queens personal guard." Moon said and I had a bad feeling on where this was going.

'So do I really don't want to here it, so just cut her off and tell her what you think is happening to reduce the bad feeling.' "Are you engaged to the prince or something?" I asked watching Moon waiting to be turned down and have my heart crushed by this fae girl, this pretty fae girl.

"What? No! No of course not. He has a girlfriend he likes way over me. But no of course not, that's not what this about." Moon said. I nodded. "Well sort of." I said. "Did your parents forbid us?" I asked. "No, but it does have to do with the prince." Moon said.

"So he has a girlfriend, her name is Twilight, she's sort of my friend. His name is Karma, Unseelie Prince Karma. But he found out about. . . the whole mate thing. He doesn't care but he did blackmail me." Moon said touching her fingers together.

'Oh he blackmailed her. Sounds mean and a weird relationship. But before we overreact lets wait to see what he blackmailed her into.' "What did he blackmail you into?" I asked unsure of how I would react to what Moon got blackmailed into. As long as it wasn't anything bad.

"So Twilight wanted a double date and I sort of agreed to go on one with them. And I might of made you my date." Moon said with a nervous smile. "See not a big deal just a double date with the prince of the Unseelie and his girlfriend." Moon said.

Well then.

1742. Yeah. So the relationship starts! I wrote this on a low battery and was staring down my battery. I need a new battery, although some would say it's better than living on a charger. I'm just weird ok? I broke a nail. It was a long nail as well maybe an inch long or less. But it was long and I broke it while petting my dog. Now one hand has long nails and then my finger between my middle and pinkie is just short and it feels weird. I broke the entire thing off, nothing is there anymore except the bed of the nail. It sucks as it feels weird. But yeah, hope you enjoyed this chapter of Wings & Claws. This book should have either 19 or more chapters like the rest. Then Max's story Moon Touched starts! I'm experimenting as Max and Noah don't appear a lot. Noah was always antisocial and he is not emo! Ok he's just antisocial. And Max you know has a story and things but you'll find more about him in his book. Then I have to grow up Alex to sixteen in his book meaning it'll take place way after The Immortals. And then Isaac damn, they'll be having teenage kids by then of the current people, maybe around Isaac's age. Do remember new characters will appear in there. And some might demand stories for them but after Isaac's story Entwined Mates end. Might give them books way later on. But Entwined Mates was the Ashford brothers and Alana and Kadan. Not the future kids! Until next time my faithful marshmallows.

 Not the future kids! Until next time my faithful marshmallows

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