:Chapter 3:

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Balancing a human life and a fae life can be hard at times. Especially when I find all the subjects to be stupid and useless in my life. And I'm tired of hearing all the 'this will help you later in life' that comes out of the teachers life.

I could literally just go live in the fae realm and be good. But I like the human realm so I'll go to school and try my best to deal with all of this stupid things that the school taught the students instead of useful things.

"Moon can you tell me what-" I cut the teacher off before he could answer. I already knew what he was going to ask. "The answer is dolphins, they use their brain more than humans do." I responded and the teacher nodded. Of course the supernatural use more than humans.

But he didn't need to know that much with his little human brain of his. The teacher, Mr. Bledsoe continued going on with the human brain and how much percentage is used of it while I looked down at the notebook where the notes were scribbled in black ink.

On the outlines were purple ink, violet colored with little ()'s within the margins were little side notes. Things to remember about the lesson since I liked by A B averages. Mr. Bledsoe continued lecturing about the brain, what the humans could do and also how dolphins could be considered superior.

Then some horny ass person had to mention that dolphins were the only other creatures that had sex for pleasure. They were wrong once again, science was wrong in so many ways. Scientists didn't know this world all that well and never would know this world all that well.

Vampires for one had sex for pleasure not mating. More of towards pleasure. Werewolves had sex for pleasure, as did the fae, any anything else supernatural. Therefore dolphins and humans weren't the only creatures that had sex for pleasure as the supernatural had sex for pleasure as well.

I did this on a daily basis. Competed with all human knowledge using the existence of supernatural against the human knowledge. It was something that I enjoyed doing while in school. It kept me entertained and that's all that matters. And it's better than how most Unseelie would keep themselves busy, like a certain Unseelie prince.

That thought made me smile on how he keeps himself busy. Way worse than how I think off into space. The bell rang awakening me from my thoughts as I put my things away in my bag before swinging the bag like it was nothing onto my shoulder.

"Ok class tomorrow we're having a quiz so prepare yourself for that." Mr. Bledsoe said and I ignored him once more. All the books in this bag was nothing from all the training my father made me give me. My silver hair was up in a pony tail out of my way.

I was in a pair of grey skinny jeans with rips in the legs, a shirt with a butterfly on it and then pleather jacket on as well along with a pair of small boots with heels. An attempt to keep up the Unseelie status as well.

I liked keeping that status up so dumbass people didn't compare me to a Seelie fae. Seelie fae were little assholes parading around with cute masks on. Trying to appear all good when in truth they aren't. They are tricksters just as much as the Unseelie and like every fae knows how to bend the truth.

After all fae can't lie but most learned how to bend the truth. And Seelie bent the truth more than the Unseelie did. Least the Unseelie according to legend were supposed to act this way while the Seelie were supposed to be more elegant. Shaking my head I headed over to my locker and exchanged notebooks.

Now I had English 2 and we were reading A Midsummer Night's Dream. If humans only knew that those fae in the book did exist. I knew of the Seelie court well with all the extravagant balls they liked to throw and invite us to play 'civil' with each other.

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