:Chapter 1:

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Brandishing the silver sword I struck at my father harder and he of course dodged it and his steel sword struck at mine. His strike was so hard he knocked the blade right out of my hands leaving me spiraled on the mat.

"And now your dead." My father said and in response I kicked at his shins making him double down. "Expect that?" I asked getting up and he laughed. Slamming his sword into the ground he got up. I scrambled up to make sure he could attack me once more and disarmed him.

"Least your learning." My father said getting up and looking his now steel sword. His compromise to the queen who preferred black obsidian as it represented her court. The Unseelie court. The queen loved obsidian and she wanted to have better blades than the Seelie court.

He agreed to have his black but not made of obsidian. My dad said obsidian could break in a real fight if war was to break out between the Seelie and the Unseelie. While the other Unseelie Knights just listened and were obedient. Something that the queen liked about my father, he wasn't a pushover.

Which made him one of the head Unseelie knights. I brushed aside my hair, the same as my dad's. Something that seemed to be favored amongst the Unseelie due to it not being common amongst the Unseelie which tended to attract attention when I'm here training with them.

Unseelie were famous for hair black as the night like ink and steel blue eyes like ice. Piercing gazes that trapped people in place. My father had those piercing blue steel eyes while I was quite the sight compared to the rest of the of the fae of the Unseelie court.

Like my father I had striking silver hair. Not white, not the platinum color either. Silver hair, like actual silver, like the moon in a way. In the light there was a bit of blue streaks but not much. My hair was silver. My dad had silver hair as well but his was more faded.

He had those steely blue eyes while I had lilac eyes. Light purple eyes. "You keep it up and you'll be replacing me in the Unseelie knights." My dad said. "No I won't. The Unseelie knights is only men." I responded.

My dad looked around the training room full of the Unseelie knights and their few children. Black hair flashed everywhere and cold steel blue eyes as obsidian blades rained down as they fought each other. "But you are skilled Moonflower." My father told me as I picked up my silver blade.

"I may be but the queen won't let me join her guard. And I'm fine with that." I told my dad who nodded. "You could always be one of her assassins or fighters in case of a war." My father said following me to the bag I brought as I pushed my sweaty shirt off of my skin.

"I have things to do, rather than assassinate people or prepare for the war with the Seelie." I told my father. "And what would that be?" My father asked moving his silver haired tied up in a pony. "Um school?" I responded giving him a look.

"Oh yeah." My dad said almost forgetting he let me go to human schools. "How is that going?" My father asked as I took off the tank top and changed into a much more loose non sweaty shirt. My pants stayed on of course as that was fine with me.

"Fine." I responded. "Make any friends?" My dad asked and I looked at him. "I prefer to get my schoolwork done then be some idiotic teen getting knocked up daily." I responded. "Well if you do get knocked up make sure it's by someone good, and preferably not human." My dad responded and I looked at him.

"You know most dads threaten to shoot the guy who knocks up their daughter and yells at their daughter not tell them to get a good one to knock them up." I told him. "It's the truth though." My father responded giving me this look.

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