:Chapter 17:

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"Dad?" I asked opening the door to our house. "In the kitchen." My dad called out and I held the containers and walked in. My dad was looking for things to make no doubt. "You looking for dinner?" I asked my dad.

He nodded. "Well I got a surprise for you." I told him with a smile. "What is it?" My dad asked and I gave him the containers. "Noah's mom made some spaghetti and some chocolate soufflé and I asked her for some." I told my dad and he opened it.

"That's nice of her." My dad said and I nodded. "Noah has nice parents. His dad is quiet but not rude or anything and his mom is sweet." I told my dad who nodded as he took a seat at the table. I followed my dad and sat down as he began to eat it.

"This is good." My dad said. "I know, I'll defiantly be going over there more often." I told my dad who smiled at that. "And you should bring home leftovers more often as well if you stay for dinner." My dad said and I smiled. It felt nice to joke like this.

Outside of the fae court. We were like this in training but at home not as much. My dad preferred to keep himself distracted when we were here. "I won't be here this week. Queen Nightfall is requesting me to go with her somewhere. It's a job." My dad said.

"Will be Karma going as well?" I asked. "No, Queen Nightfall is leaving him here with you. Arabella, that witch leader is going to put wards up around the house along with one of the Unseelie casters to make it extremely powerful." My dad said and I nodded at that.

"What are you guys doing?" I asked. "Queen Nightfall is helping the werewolf alpha, Noah's dad probable with some things with border control. They plan to put some wards up and more patrol." My dad said. "Your her guard there?" I asked and my dad nodded at that.

"So you can keep Karma company right?" My dad asked. "Yeah. . . can Noah come over as well?" I asked. "Yeah if he agrees to it and his parents." My dad said and I smiled at him. My dad was quiet as he ate the rest of his food his silver hair falling in his face.

His icy blue eyes seemed a bit delighted at having a homecooked meal. One that wasn't from the chefs of the Unseelie Court. And I knew at that moment that my dad would be asking for leftovers any time I went over to Noah's.

Not that I think Danielle would mind, she did make big batches of food as well. From everyone that was eating there. And the fact that they ate for two and burned through calories very quickly. Once my dad was done he went to the chocolate soufflé and one bite and he looked so happy.

"You should go over that a lot. Maybe we should just have a family dinner for we can all get to know each other well. Meet your future mother and father-in-laws and grandparents." My dad said and I shook my head. My dad cracked a smile at that.

"Ok well enjoy that dad, I'm going to head off to bed. We got a big day tomorrow. I have a Unit test. And no doubt a Karma to deal with tomorrow." I told my dad and he nodded. "Ok sweetie, see you tomorrow." My dad said and I nodded at that.

With that I went to my room. A very simple room. Just a dresser carved from ancient wood no doubt. My dad was like that. And then a bed that my dad thankfully bought and didn't have made. It was a thick wooden frame with a memory foam mattress that my dad charmed someone into giving it in for a cheap price.

All fae used their charm to their advantage. Discounts, freebies, and all sorts of things. Once the charm was on the humans were putty in our hands. Some supernatural could fight it, but not all. I wonder if Noah could fight it.

Maybe I'd experiment tomorrow to see if he could. I mean he made my magik respond to it so maybe he could fight it which would be very cool. That I knew. So pushing my hair aside I got into bed and knew that tomorrow would be good.

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