:Chapter 19:

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Noah stayed the night. He called his mom to tell her that he'd be spending a night at my place. She didn't mind and told him to call his dad in the morning when he was ready to come home.

My neck ached a bit from where he bit me. . . but I didn't regret it. I'm not sure why. It brought it a bit closer to what Queen Nightfall and my dad wanted. But it was something I wanted. Right now Noah had just made the bond practically unbreakable.

I knew that the moment I decided to use my charm on him. And to my surprise it worked. His wolf took right over and sunk his canines into my neck. I wasn't sure if my charm would work on him once we began kissing. I didn't even know why I asked him to mark me.

But laying here with the sun rising I knew I didn't regret it. The only thing to regret was the pain in my neck making me regret not taking medication. The mark itself had healed but not the pain. Below Karma and Twilight were sleeping in the guest bedroom together.

They had enjoyed the nachos that Noah had made very much. Noah was sound asleep in my bed rolled on his side. He slept shirtless which showed off his back as I stared at the room. It was seven in the morning when I woke up and couldn't roll back to sleep.

So now I sat here in bed. Well laid here in bed with my mind being a storm at everything happening. My eyes shifted to Noah as I got up and out of bed. Noah shifted around and pulled the blankets over him and tucked himself into the bed.

Brushing my silver hair I went into the bathroom and relieved myself before washing my hands. I was in a V-cut top and it showed off my collarbone and then in a pair of fleece pants that were a bit lower than usual so I pulled them up when the mark caught my eye.

It was no longer a bite. A purple moon was there. With a sword jammed right through it as no doubt a reference to the fact that my dad was a knight. The purple was a light shade and suited my skin well as I stared at it.

I touched it and winced just a bit. The mark was sore but there no doubt. And I don't think it was ever going to go away. And I didn't want it to either. I wonder what my dad would think of it when he got home? Did he know about marks?

I mean he was all about me getting pregnant with Noah's kid. What about a mark? I knew a mark was a step in a werewolf's relationship. It represented trust and belonging. And with this mark it meant I trust and belonged to Noah. Females mark males sometimes.

But I'd never be able to mark Noah. Sort of didn't have canines and taking a hot iron didn't sound pleasant either. Picking up a brush I put it through my hair before walking out to get into some clothes. Noah was still sleeping as I got rid of my clothes.

Then slipped into a pair of comfy jogger and then a light purple sweat and turned around to see Noah waking up. "Your awake." Noah said his voice heavy with sleep. "And your half asleep." I said with a teasing smile and he shook his head and rubbed his eyes before going into my bathroom.

I smiled as Noah did his business and washed his hands before coming out. "It's a good thing I have spare clothes in my gym locker." Noah said as he got changed and I nodded in agreement. "You chose to stay." I told him and Noah smiled.

He came up and touched the sweater. "Cause' I wanted to see this." Noah said pulling down the sweater putting the mark in view. "And it's fully done. It's pretty. Most of my brothers marks have been moons. Orchid's had little sparkles, my other brothers mates were different moon phase and yours has a giant ass sword." Noah said.

"My dad is an Unseelie Knight." I reminded him and Noah grinned at that. "That he is, the sword mark suits you and the coloring." Noah said and I smiled at him. "You want to go get some breakfast?" I asked Noah who nodded at that.

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