:Chapter 4:

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It was common knowledge that fae didn't have mates. Vampires had beloved or soul-mates in some terms. Witches were just witches and could have mates. But fae didn't have mates. Well at least I thought they didn't have mates but no seems some did.

'It's not that bad. She's actually pretty. And smells good.' 'The whole thing is fae don't typically have mates. Maybe she's married off and we're about to start the next supernatural war.' My eyes shifted back to the silver haired fae girl standing in front of me with her pen I made her drop.

That part I felt bad about. I ran straight into her. Her lilac eyes looked into mine to see what I meant. "What did you say?" She asked and I felt my heart speed up when she put her hand on my arm at the close contact.

'Her skin is soft and seemed to be buzzing with that fae magik that they all have. As if her existence is made of magik itself. Even more than Orchid's magik buzz.' Shadows was right about that. She seemed to be made up of magik unlike the magik buzz of Andrew's mate.

It was almost tempting in a way. The magik she seemed to be seemed to be made of was raw untouched power. With a dark side though. Orchid's magik was like a buzz something like a. . . perfume she wore on her. A perfume of magik.

One that was strong from her deep witch roots. But this one fae, this fae that was my mate smelled of magik herself like it was deeply rooted into her. She was watching me silently with those lilac eyes burning into my green eyes. "Come again?" She asked looking at me.

'That gaze of hers, it's so pretty and I like that it's on us. It's so pretty. That lilac color like a fresh . . . lilac that has just bloomed and is now out open in the world.' Great Shadows was going all sappy and poetic on me in times that he was needed.

Where the hell was Max?

"Fae don't have mates yet your mine." I said unsure if she was going to flip out on me. Those lilac eyes seemed to tear me apart bit by bit before putting me back together to see what I was made of.

'She can tear me apart any day, especially if it's the tearing off of clothes. Oh that would be just so great.' 'Shadows you aren't helping this situation. So cock those hormones away and let me handle this.' "We don't have mates, we chose who we want." She said watching me.

She didn't believe me. I could tell by the look in her eyes. Moving forward I grabbed her wrist and her eyes practically glowed lilac as her fae side, Seelie or Unseelie prepared to defend themselves. The side the fae keep contained, their true selves that they kept away.

I could see bits of tips of her ears as her glamor flashed for a moment. Mostly the eyes and ears before she gained her posture. Her skin was warm underneath mine and her skin practically flowed with magik. A fae magik waiting to be used in ways that a witch couldn't understand.

Maybe Orchid could since she seemed open minded about everything. But I had a hard time registering it. The magik seemed dark making me believe she was an Unseelie yet it seemed to be full of light, pale light that could invite darkness in to play with it and not burn it away.

The magik was tempting to me like I wanted to drown in it. Her lilac eyes watched me as a bit of tingles raced up my arms and no doubt hers. A result of the magik buried deep in those veins hitting against the skin of a werewolf's.

One that was trying to tempt her into feeling what I was feeling. The feeling of a pull towards someone you barely knew. Yet wanted to know. Wanted to crave and learn everything about the person. Your mate, the one your wolf deemed to be the one that the moon goddess picked from a handful of potentials.

And with that and her the magik in her veins it was sending tingles and shocks up through my arm. She watched me confused as the tingles and electricity no doubt climbed up her. "You can't be just a werewolf." She insisted and I watched her.

"Pure wolf." I responded and she snatched her wrist away. "Then why are you drawing my magik out like that. I keep that sealed away. Yet your touch is trying to draw it out. Do you practice witchcraft or something?" She asked with this look of confusion mixed with the anger of not knowing something.

Shadows was staying quiet letting me deal with this. "I'm pure wolf, and I don't practice witchcraft. Your magik is responding to my touch." I responded trying to come up with a conclusion. She watched me carefully. "You know my name, I want to know yours." I responded changing the topic.

'Maybe this will calm her down some. I don't think she's angry and opposed to having a mate. Just confused, there has never been a case, known of, of a fae having a mate. She's probably confused and is hoping we aren't trying to play her and lie to her.'

Yeah she might think that. But I wasn't playing her, I knew she wasn't wrong with thinking of that of course. Some werewolves were for known for playing humans who don't know about the mate bond all that well and then rub it in their face.

"I promise, I swear on my life I'm not lying to you. Now can I please have your name?" I asked once more. I showed her my fingers to show I wasn't crossing my fingers. 'Do fae even consider that something? Maybe we should of listened more about the fae species when dad taught us about that.'

Our dad liked to teach us about the supernatural species once we had shifted. That's was one of things that my dad did. He taught us about the supernatural that all the Ashford's had gathered. Maybe I should of paid attention more when he began talking about the fae.

'Yeah then we'd know more things about our mate. Maybe we can ask dad when he gets home about the fae. And of course tell our parents about our mate that we discovered. And that she's a fae.' Yeah, my mom wouldn't care but it'd be something to say.

"Moonflower, everyone calls me Moon here. But really no one since I don't talk to anyone." Moon added. Moonflower or Moon, that was a really pretty name. "It's nice to meet you Moon." I told her and she eyed my hand stretched out to her. "And you swear you don't do witchcraft?" Moon asked and I nodded.

Moon in response shook my hand. Bits of tingles ran up. 'Seems this is going to be something we're going to have to get used to. Her magik being flared out at the touch of a mate's touch bond thing going on.' I nodded in agreement.

"I should go." Moon said and I watched her. "Can we talk tomorrow after school then?" I asked not really wanting her to leave but if she had to I'd let her. "Yeah, after school." Moon said and I nodded keeping my gaze on her not really wanting her to leave.

'She probably has to get back to her parents before they start worrying. And it'd be bad if we were the cause of that and that could make her parents not like us and approve of us.' "I'll see you around Moon." I told her with a smile on my face.

Moon nodded before walking away. I found my mate. And she was a fae. But she was my mate no less and a very pretty one. That silver hair of hers and those lilac colored eyes of hers. She was really pretty and I was actually happy to get to know her.

'And you don't ever want to get to know anyone.' "Hey who was that?" I turned around to see Max there with his thumbs of the straps of his backpack. He was looking at Moon who was leaving before she turned and offered this small smile making me return it. "Her name is Moon, she's my mate."

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