:Chapter 7:

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I was in wolf form the grass giving into my charcoal colored paws as I trotted through our territory. The smell of the forest was pleasant as the wind ruffled my fur just a little bit in the morning air.

It was five and I had gotten everything ready so all I had to do was get dressed after my run. Shaking my fur I tore off through the woods and leapt over a small log that was in my way enjoying this run. Just a run through the woods no hunting the prey.

'Even though hunting down a rabbit for mom to cook for dinner would be nice, but you know.' 'She's also making tacos and unfortunately tacos and rabbit don't go good together so you know no rabbits.' Shadows grumbled as I continued through shaking my fur in the autumn air.

The air of not being warm but not being cold. An air I wouldn't mind just existing for the rest of eternity. I continued through the forest my nose up in the air taking in all the scents. Nature scents, the trees that had leaves fulling from them but not yet dead.

The scent of all the plants that would give into winter's cold unbarring grasp when autumn was over. 'And then the ground is bare and beautiful layers of snow cover the ground that we can play in and just have lots of fun.' I nodded in agreement with Shadows at that.

Winter was fun to play in. All the amounts of snow meant I could be just a wolf when I was out here, not a teenager in school. Being a wolf was like freedom to me. In wolf form running without a care in the world feeling the wind ruffling your fur perfectly.

'Something only werewolves can understand as well as a wolf if they are that evolved along with their minds.' I nodded in agreement. The soil was beginning to get hard packed underneath my paws instead of the soft moist soil that summer brought along. Soil that gave in under your paws.

In a way it was refreshing. But the hard packed soil took time to give in. And it was cold underneath your paws but that was the touch of winter. I looked at the sky before turning around and running back to my house to get ready for school now feeling refreshed.

Once more I leapt the log and ran at full speed back to the house and soon I was in the yard and was trotting up to the house. I looked at the doggy door for Hades and Gracie and went right through it struggling a bit from my size but getting in.

Hades looked up at me to see me shake my fur and he perked his ears up. 'Our black shepherd and his girlfriend Gracie the white shepherd. Cute dogs that are used to the wolves that sometimes appear in the house from time to time.'

I trotted up the stairs passing a mirror. My wolf form was charcoal with dark gray throughout my coat. I had a white mask around my eyes and muzzle with various forms of charcoal and gray throughout my coat. And white eyebrows with the top of my fur being the darkest in our coat out of all the colors.

I went up to my room and shoved my door open before letting the shift take over. Fur gave into skin as I stood up and shook my hair before going over to my dresser. 'Now to get dressed for school. Dreaded school.'

'Well at least Moon will be there and she did agree to talk to us which is good meaning we'll get to spend time with her. Get to know her a little better and all of that.' Shadows seemed happy with that thought getting him in a much better mood.

Going to my dresser I took out a pair of fresh briefs and a pair of grey skinny jeans and an ordinary plaid shirt to wear along with my converse shoes. Now fully dressed I put a comb through my long charcoal colored hair before glancing at my green eyes in the mirror before walking away.

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