:Chapter 8:

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"So, you told this mystery boy about the double date?" Karma asked as he sat on my couch and I looked at him. "Yes." I responded as I held my history homework in my hands while Karma sat on the couch balanced on his knees.

Even balanced on his knees he had the fae elegant aura around him. Ash had combed his mane of jet black hair and his icy blue eyes were trained on me. "Good, Twilight is all sorts of happy for this date. And to meet this mystery guy." Karma said with a smirk.

A smirk he learned to wear so well with being the troublemaker he happened to be.  I rolled my eyes at Karma as my dad came into the room with a tray in his hand. Two plates were on it with food on it as the queen, Karma's mom, instructed for Karma to at here.

At the Unseelie castle there was a big royal meeting with no heirs involved so Karma was sent here. To irritate the shit out of me with this damn double date. The double date Noah agreed to no less which is what really got me. Noah agreed to the date.

Of course at first he was extremely tense at the mention of all of that. I didn't know why, maybe he thought I was going to say something bad to him. But you could see in his posture that he was tense while I talked to him.

The tense formed stopped when I told him of the double date. "T-Bone steak." My dad setting down the tray with two plates and Karma sat down on the couch in response and snatched the plate from the tray which had the T-Bone steak and some mashed potatoes on the side.

Karma looked at the food as he grabbed a fork and then took some of the mashed potatoes. Karma was always entertained by the food in the human world. In the fae realm we tended to eat food that was fae food and drink fae drinks and all of that.

Which includes the hunts of the fae hunters of the game in the fae realm. And some plants there that you can eat. So Karma always enjoyed eating in my dad and I's house in the human world as there was never fae food. Always human food from the grocery store which entertained Karma to no ends.

I took my plate and began eating the mashed potatoes as Karma began forking bits of the mashed potatoes to eat the bits. We ate in silence as my dad went into the kitchen to eat. He was sore from training today and I could tell.

Karma ate his food slowly like he always did as he enjoyed staring at it. You know those kids you scold not to play with their food? Well that was Karma when he got human food that he could eat. He'd play with it without a doubt in the world.

After finishing my food I waited for Karma to be done before I collected his plate and went into the kitchen and grabbed my dad's. "Dad go lay down and get some rest, I'll take care of the dishes." I told my dad. "Karma is here, I told the queen I'd watch him." My dad said.

"I'm fine with Karma I'll keep an eye on him and you know that." I told my dad who reluctantly nodded. "Now come on off to bed, Karma is safe with me." I told him hauling him off and pushing him off to his room.

Karma said goodnight to my dad as I went to washing the dishes and Karma came over. Karma was easily taller than me and Noah as well. But he was lanky then Noah. Noah had a lean muscular form while Karma was just more skinny and lanky.

Something Karma received from his mother. His mother was tall but slim and not very muscular. But she was feared for a reason. She had quite the magik beneath all those silk dresses that covered it. As did Karma. If Noah thought the magik beneath my skin was powerful he should see Karma's.

Karma's naturally buzzed beneath his skin from the sheer power of being royalty. I was the daughter on an Unseelie Knight so mine could be felt if you know what you were trying to feel. So I had no choice but to believe Noah with the whole mate thing and the mate bond making my magik reel out.

As there was no way he was experienced at getting a fae to have their magik whirl out like he did to mine. "Well aren't you just the perfect daughter." Karma said as he watched me wash the dishes while leaning against the countertop.

"Not everyone is born with a golden spoon." I told him. "Obsidian spoon, it's better. Or even a diamond spoon." Karma said with a smirk and I shook my head. "Well my dad is sore and tired so he needs to rest and recover from all that training for when your mom calls on him." I told Karma.

"My mom gave him a break, I doubt she's going to pull him out of it within a week." Karma said. I shrugged. "Your just a concerned daughter, your the daughter that everyone wants." Karma said with a small smirk on his face as I set down tonight's dishes and turned to Karma.

"Well least I'm a good daughter to my dad. He does do a lot for me." I responded. Karma shrugged as I walked into the living room to fix the couch up. Karma trailed behind me as I fixed the pillows on the couch.

"And I have to watch you as I told him I would." I told Karma who rolled his eyes and put his hands on his hips. "Moon, I'm older than you." Karma responded like he did to anyone who watched him that he was older than but I wasn't giving in.

"Yeah but your the prince of the Unseelie. The only heir to the throne. Your mother would kill my dad. . . and I if anything happened to you." I told Karma who stopped at that. He knew that part very well. The whole threatening his mother did over him.

Karma was the only heir of the Unseelie queen and that was her baby. Karma was spoiled rotten by his mom and tended to get what he wanted. And Karma knew that. He got the girl he wanted, Twilight. He got what he wanted even if he had to take it himself.

He was an Unseelie after all and they tended to get what they wanted no matter the consequences. Always made me happy that Karma never liked me more than as a friend or in his eyes a little sister that his mother would never give him as she wanted no more children. So I took that position.

But Karma knew well his mother had no problem threatening who he was in the care of. Karma was only in the care of people, not because he was immature but because he was a royal fae. The Unseelie prince. Someone who needed protection and was important to the Unseelie court.

That was Karma. And now Twilight had more protection due to being the Unseelie prince's girlfriend. The queen decided my dad and I were the best way to go. Mostly because Karma didn't mind being in my presence and he didn't feel suffocated with me around.

Karma took a seat on the couch and looked at me with a small smirk. "The date is tomorrow, better tell the little lover werewolf that he needs to be at Irene's at 6PM." Karma said and I raised an eyebrow at Karma's chose of where we were eating.

Although I shouldn't be surprised. Karma always liked fancy places. Irene's required reservations meaning Karma had this planned out. So now I'd have to tell Noah that tomorrow was the date and to meet us at Irene's for dinner. My eyes shifted to my phone my dad got me in case I needed to call him.

Fae weren't all that into technology but it was useful. Of course all my dad had was some landline phone while I got a touchscreen phone. I didn't use it all that often unless to call my dad or to 'fit' in and not be suspicious to humans.

Grabbing my phone I unlocked it and went into my contacts and scrolled down to Noah's contact that I had. Noah gave me his number when I told about the double date and told me to call him about it when I had more information. "I'll be right back." I told Karma before stepping outside to call Noah and tell him about this double date.

1459. Seems pretty simple huh? Well it won't be this simple the entire back. There isn't no big war but there will be some other things in there as well. Hope your enjoying. So there was a POV problem so the next chapter will also be in Moonflower's POV. Ok? Until next time POV Marshmallows.

 Ok? Until next time POV Marshmallows

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