:Chapter 16:

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"So what did you say your position in the Unseelie court was again?" My mother asked Moon. "My father is an Unseelie Knight and my mother was an assassin." Moon said with a small smile and my mom nodded at that.

'A very interesting position indeed. One of high power but not where it limits her life thankfully.' "That is interesting, we have an alliance with the Unseelie court since the war with the Vardock's." My mom said. Moon smiled at that as she looked back at the food that my mother had made.

Once more she had outdone herself. My mom had made a delicious meal of spaghetti and meats balls, the sauce was sweetened up with some sugar. And the meat balls were delicious. There was also some homemade garlic bread which Moon had taken a few of and savored the taste.

If my mom brought out her dessert, Moon would be over here a lot more often for dinner. I just got that feeling. 'Well good food does tend to lure people in for sure. Who can resist mom's good food. Or Flimur's as well.' Those two were devious when combined together.

"I made dessert as well." My mom said with a smile. Moon's face lit up and I knew she'd be staying here a bit longer. Which did work to my advantage. "What'd you make?" Alex asked with a big goofy grin. Isaac was sitting in his chair eating his food.

When Moon had seen him she had that typical 'ah a baby' sort of attitude. Isaac simply watched her and kept on trying to touch her hair. 'And don't forget him saying shiny when touching her hair.' 'Yeah and that made Moon smile at him as he tried to yank some with him.'

After that mom had to detach him from Moon's hair and apologize. Moon didn't even seem all that bothered by it either. It was just him yanking her hair. A cute little baby in her eyes. Although Isaac could be a demon at times. But he was my brother after all.

'His appearance is very different from the rest of us though. Very different. We all had the same basic appearance, but we looked different.' We had the charcoal hair, black hair, gray hair or brown hair. Then either blue eyes, green eyes, or blue eyes flecked with gold. But Isaac didn't have that.

He had brown hair, white hair, gray hair, charcoal hair, black hair as well. Then he black eyes. There was a small ring of silver but not always. His eyes were literally black and we had no idea where they had come from. But he was our brother so we loved him.

And right now he was shoving the noodles into his mouth. "I made chocolate mousse and chocolate soufflé." My mother said with a smile as she got up to go get the delicious dessert that she had made for us. 'Just the thought of all of those desserts makes my mouth water in anticipation.'

I nodded in agreement. My mom finished up her spaghetti, her third plate of it to be exact. Us werewolves ate a lot, we ate for two and burned lots of calories. A reason my mom shopped in big bulk for all of us.

Once my mom finished up she went to the kitchen. 'To bring the delicious chocolate mousse and chocolate soufflé in without a doubt. Mm, mom makes such good things.' Shadows was right on that. Mom's food was mouth watering without a doubt about it. So delicious and good in your stomach.

My mom came back in with the dishes of dessert and set it down along with the plates to take it on. "We can all have dessert after all of us finish our food." My mother said with a sweet smile on her face. My mom was always sweet at all times.

'It just amps up when we bring a mate around. She always wants to make a good impression on them. So this dessert came in handy for sure.' My mom loved making good impressions on our mates. She wanted them to know she wasn't the psycho mother that some could be.

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