:Chapter 9:

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Irene's was a nice fancy restaurant that Karma had picked out for the double date. It was on the outsides of Greenburg and my dad had driven us there. Karma insisted on me dressing nice and told me to text 'lover werewolf' to dress nice as well.

My dad was interested on who my date was but I didn't budge. Simply said it was a nice boy didn't mention that Noah was a werewolf. Much less that I was Noah's supposed fated mate. My dad didn't need to know that as I know what his reaction would be.

He'd be asking when Noah planned to have children as the thought of a fae-werewolf hybrid would no doubt thrill him. It was a thing with fae. They didn't mind interbreeding. As long as it isn't interbreeding with Seelie. That was the only thing they didn't like.

And it was super rare for that to happen due to the negativity and hate between Seelie and Unseelie. But now here we were outside of Irene's sitting on the bench waiting for Noah to show up. We had fifteen minutes before we had to go inside and get our tables so we were waiting for Noah.

Karma had an arm around Twilight who was smiling widely at the thought of this double date. She had been smiling since she came through the portal into my house for this double date. Twilight was elated for this double date. Very elated.

The dress she wore was black. At the top was lace rose patterns stitched onto light peach colored fabric. The lace went down the entire beautiful black dress. There was a large cut in the dress up to her lower thigh, when that was revealed there was a silk like fabric in the middle.

Twilight topped off the dress with a pair of flats and if she got cold Karma would no doubt give her his jacket. Twilight's black hair was up in some fancy like bun with braids in it. She was smiling while holding Karma's pale hand in hers.

Twilight put my silver hair up in a braid and left a bit down for it to look pretty as she called it. "So who is this boy that we're waiting for?" Twilight asked with a smile on her face. I looked at Twilight.

"His name is Noah, we go to school together." I responded and Twilight smiled. "What is he, I know he isn't human. You don't do human." Twilight said and Karma smirked. "He's a werewolf Twilight." Karma said leaning in and I narrowed my eyes at him and Twilight's eyes lit up at the mention of a werewolf.

"That sounds nice, I've never met a werewolf before. I can't wait to meet him. A werewolf." Twilight said with a smile on her face. I nodded. "Yeah a werewolf, there's a nice amount of them at school. He's the son of an alpha." I responded.

"So he's going to be the alpha?" Twilight asked. "No, he's just the alpha's son. Not the next-in-line to be alpha." I told Twilight who nodded at that. Now she understood so hopefully I wouldn't be questioned anymore. I considered Twilight a friend but I didn't want to be questioned about Noah, by anyone.

Karma leaned against the building as a car pulled into the parking lot and came up to the entrance. It was a nice car. The front door opened and out stepped Noah in some nice clothes. Not formal like Karma but not casual clothes for sure.

He wore a black button up shirt and a pair of his no doubt best black skinny jeans. And a pair of black Doc Martins that looked fancy as well. Noah looked around and his eyes landed on Karma, Twilight and I and he was taking in my appearance.

The braid in my hair. Silver strands cleverly placed by Twilight who loved braiding and doing my hair insisting how beautiful it was. How I was a diamond amongst obsidian. Twilight said that all the time how beautiful I was and exotic amongst the Unseelie. Like moonlight playing with darkness.

A light that let the darkness mingle amongst it. A lethal light. Very lethal considering all the training my dad insisted on giving me. For situations like this. Taking the Unseelie prince into society. . . human society and being prepared to defend him. Noah's eyes shifted to the dress Twilight forced me into.

A dress that went to my knees and flowed beautifully, that I had to admit. Twilight picked out a purple dress. Just a simple purple dress that had small little fabric at the top for straps and I felt quite fancy. Very fancy compared to my loose clothing.

I made Twilight have this dress loose unless she wanted seams popping all the time. To do this I needed to be able to move in case anything bad happened. That's why I insisted on a loose dress so I could be prepared for anything that could happen and I'd need to defend Karma and Twilight.

And a restraining dress wouldn't let me do that. So I insisted on Twilight giving me a dress that allowed me to move in it. Something that if it came to I could fight in it. Now to just hope that I didn't have to fight in it.

Noah stopped in front of us and his eyes went from Karma to Twilight and back to me. "Um. . . Karma this is Noah." I said standing up. Karma's eyes watching Noah who awkwardly waved at Karma who stood up. Now I was really reminded how tall Karma was.

He was inches taller than Noah but skinner then him. Noah was more muscular than him, he was probably 5'11 to Karma's 6'1. Karma could make an Unseelie knight with his height but he had a future sitting on the throne. With Twilight next to him in their royal clothing.

If I hadn't told them to dress less fancy I'm sure Twilight would of appeared in an Unseelie ball gown and Karma in a full out Unseelie tuxedo in the fae world. But I told them to dial it back some and got this out of it. "It's nice to meet Moon's. . . love interest." Karma said.

"I didn't say he was my love interest." I said elbowing him. "Well I can't lie you know. He's your love something." Karma responded bitterly and I narrowed my eyes at him. "He's your future boyfriend?" Twilight asked with a smile. "Possibly." Noah murmured making Twilight smile.

"I'm Twilight, Karma's girlfriend and future fiancé." Twilight responded holding a petite hand out to him. More of the top of her hand. Noah watched her and in response shook her hand and Twilight watched confused at that. "He doesn't do that Twilight." I told her and Twilight gathered herself once more.

She presented a smile to him while Karma put a protective arm around her blandly telling any male to back off. Something Karma did all the time when it came to Twilight meeting other males. He had to state his claim. "How old are you two?" Noah asked tilting his head to the side.

His features were cute, boyish, and warm in a way. A warmth that I liked in a way. A warmth that didn't irritate me or remind me of the Seelie. A warmth that would not be ignored compared onto Karma and Twilight's features.

Karma had icy features with an icy exterior. He didn't play around and Twilight brought out the ice when needed in the court. But at heart she was a sweet girl with a spine of ice unwilling to take shit from anyone that tried to give it to her. No matter what she had to do to prevent it.

Even if she had to be cold as ice to make a point. "Thank y-" I cut Noah off before he could finish that sentence. "Do not thank Karma under any circumstances unless you want to be in debt to him."

Noah looked at me and then at a smirking Karma. "I wouldn't of asked for a lot." Karma said. "Nope, no debts or anything. To Irene's we go to eat. Don't question me Noah, just go." I told him and to my shock Noah went and Twilight took over and began asking Noah questions and putting on her charm.

"Karma be nice to him." I told my best friend, the prince of the Unseelie. "Oh I might of just asked for him to knock you up and maybe betroth our children together." Karma said and I shook my head before sending Karma in shaking my head at him and in we to have our dinner and hopefully nothing bad happen.

1458. Damn. This book is going smoothly. Not lots of action yet going so smoothly. Yeah lets hope this stays. And that is a bit of how I imagine Moonflower, I'll post more pictures of how I imagine her throughout the chapters. Until next time my not-in-debt marshmallows.

 Until next time my not-in-debt marshmallows

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