:Chapter 13:

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I was sitting in front of my dad staring at him. Queen Nightfall, Karma, and Twilight had left back to the fae realm. Only a half an hour ago did I arrive back. And I swear I could still feeling Noah's lips on mine.

My dad smiled at me. "You ok Moonflower?" My dad asked and I gave him a look that answered his questions for him. "I didn't embarrass you." My dad said and I gave him 'are you serious?' look. Cause' he sure as hell did embarrass me in front of Noah.

"You and Queen Nightfall asked Noah when he was going to impregnate me." I told him. My dad shrugged. "Well sweetie we did that with Twilight. Karma said after their marriage, you didn't say anything." My dad said and I shook my head at him. "What?" My dad asked once more.

"You know, that's not what a werewolf expects to hear from their mates father." I told my dad who watched me silently. His icy blue eyes actually caring like usual when it was just the two of us in this house. My dad bit his lip as he pushed back his long silver hair. The same shade as mine.

"And what do werewolves expect to hear from their mates fathers?" My dad asked. "The opposite. Threatening said male is they break their mates heart. How they're not afraid to go to jail. How they'll cut off their male parts for impregnating their daughter." I told my dad.

"Well I'll break him if he breaks your heart. I am an Unseelie Knight after all. But I wouldn't cut off his parts if he impregnated you. I'd be happy." My dad said. "And that's not normal to werewolves." I told my dad who shook his head.

"Actually since his parents are alpha's they'd be excited as well. Alphas like grandchildren." My dad with a smirk at winning. "Dad. . ." I trailed off. "Moonflower. . ." My dad responded mocking me in a way with a teasing grin on his face as if it was the best thing he had done.

"Well Noah mentally isn't ready for children." I responded. "Then help him get ready." My dad responded. "Dad I need to graduate high school before I worry about little children going 'mommy I want'." I told my dad who cocked his head to the side.

"If they go 'mommy I want' you slap them in the mouth." My dad said. I shook my head. "Dad, slow down. How about I get to know Noah before you start telling him to get me pregnant." I told my dad. "Two weeks, like I mentioned before, little bit of time." My dad said.

"Dad, I can't get to know him in two weeks, two months." I told my dad. "Three weeks." My dad responded. "A month and three weeks." I responded. "A month." My dad responded. "Fine a month, I'll get to know him for a month and think about it." I told my dad.

He smiled before hugging me tightly. "You know I love you Moonflower right, your my only daughter. My only family left." My dad said and I smiled. It was true, he was my only family left as I was his.

"I know dad." I told him. "And I can try to be patient." My dad said as he watched me now having let me go of the hug. "Please try to be, I don't need to have Noah scared off." I told my dad who nodded.

"You really like him?" My dad asked. "He's seems sweet, and I don't know how he does it but when he touches me he makes my magik rise up." I told my dad who nodded. "And your magik stays pretty dormant most of the time." My dad commented and I nodded.

Similar to an Unseelie knight with their magik. They tend to keep it dormant until they have to fight and then you can see it for sure. Once fighting broke out the Unseelie would use their magik and would battle with it. Depending on how bad the fight would get.

Unseelie Knights and Seelie Knights were very powerful with magik similar to the king and queen of the courts. Although the Unseelie court doesn't have a king. Just a queen as of right now until Karma got the throne from his mother, Queen Nightfall. But the knights did have strong powers.

Just not the typical fae powers everyone expected. Some knights could manipulate nature but not a lot. If they could they weren't pure knight. Most had increased stamina, strength, speed, and certain things that would help a knight if they had to defend their king for the Seelie Knights and queen for the Unseelie knights.

And I hid my magik well. All the magik inside me could attract things I didn't want, the only magik I used a lot was glamor. Yet when Noah touched me it made my magik rise up and flare at his touch. At his skin, warm skin on mine.

"Well he seems like a sweet boy. And I'll try to be patient." My dad said staring at me before crossing his arms behind his back. His typical posture from all the years he had been an Unseelie knight for Queen Nightfall. I smiled at my dad at that.

My dad being patient for my relationship with Noah would be like a dream. Not rushing me to spread my legs for him and get pregnant. I knew since I had my period my dad would be getting onto me about that. And I told him once I found a worthy man.

Similar to Karma. He told his mother him and Twilight would have children either once they were fiancés or married. That was the deal so those two wouldn't be having children until they were fiancés or married. And once a fae made a deal it was sealed for eternity.

Once Karma and Twilight did that they'd have to have children. And I told my dad I'd only have children with a worthy man. And now I had a sweet, somewhat antisocial werewolf mate. One who went through the subjection to getting me pregnant talk from my dad and of course Queen Nightfall.

As long as he didn't cheat we were fine. And if Noah wasn't a worthy man to me I don't know what would be? But Noah was only 16 so he was a worthy boy. But not a worthy man as he wasn't a man yet. That thought brought a smile to my face.

I wouldn't put it past Queen Nightfall and my dad to use the promise I told them. To have children once I found a worthy man. It was just fae nature to remind people of the promises they did and had to hold up to.

Even as my father's only daughter he'd hold me up to the promise. And even with Karma being my best friend he wouldn't be able to keep Queen Nightfall off of my back. I made that promise and they would hold it up to me and I knew that since the moment I made that promise.

Queen Nightfall and my dad would hold me up to it. From the moment I told them that promise I'd have to hold it up. But there was always ways around it. Fae were famous for it finding ways around things. Shortcuts to all of those things.

Since fae couldn't lie we learned how to bend the truth. To tell the truth but to bend it but not so bad where it would be considered lying. Something that the fae had practiced over times teaching it to everyone, all the fae that was made, Seelie or Unseelie.

And the whole bending the truth spread to something else. How to manipulate promises. Karma could wait until after his wedding to do anything. He could even have a spiritual joining in place of a marriage. Which would give him time to prepare himself to have children with Twilight and to be a normal-- a somewhat normal fae.

While I could bend my promise. I said I'd get pregnant once I found a worthy man. Technically I hadn't found a worthy man. I found a worthy boy, as of right now Noah was a juvenile in animal terms therefore he wasn't a man.

"I'll see you in the morning dad." I told him and my dad nodded. With a bit of a smirk I went back to my room feeling a bit victorious at what I was doing. I would be cheating out this promise in a way but still be following it.

The true fae way.

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 Until next time my  well crafted marshmallows

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