:Chapter 11:

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I don't think I've ever been this screwed in my life before. Ever. I was always the good child that my dad wanted. Never did I sneak out. Go kissing some boy from training or anything that could make my dad upset. Although that wouldn't made him upset.

Well I never kissed a girl. Correction I've never kissed anyone. The only time I was kissed was on the hand by Karma as a royal courtesy of the court. Men kissing women's hand. And it was the most awkward thing for both of us.

Especially during that flare of time our parents thought we'd be a great couple until Twilight came along. When Twilight came along I was grateful for that as it took the attention off me and Karma. The queen became fascinated with Karma and Twilight as a couple-- the future king and queen of the Unseelie court.

And then I was forgotten for that role of the Unseelie which I was grateful for. I was allowed to train once more like an Unseelie Knight would. No more the queen requesting I go to the royal classes with Karma. Karma hated those classes as it was.

So when I went with an already bitter Karma to the royal lessons he hated. Although I wouldn't blame him they were quite terrible. Definitely what I wouldn't want to spend my Sundays doing and Karma had to do to them every Sunday. But now so did Twilight.

But at the moment I'd rather be going those royal classes then in this situation. At least those didn't involve being under the gaze of my father. All it involved was learning about how to be a 'proper' royal and blah, blah, blah. But right not that seemed more tempting.

My dad's blue gaze kept on shifting to Noah who was all tensed up. Twilight couldn't just keep quiet when my dad asked who Noah was. No she had to say he was my mate. Or whatever. "Your mate?" My dad asked again and I nervously laughed.

"Yeah my mate, it's a new term for kids now a days. Right mate?" I asked Noah who didn't even respond. Noah kept his head at the ground not answering anything. Maybe him playing quiet could work to my advantage to fix this little problem. Damn it, why couldn't my dad be late?

"Maybe for humans, but mate is werewolf terms means the person they are destined to be with. Their lover." My dad said and I froze up as his icy blue gaze. "Well your well educated in werewolves." Noah murmured and my dad nodded before turning to Twilight and she nervously smiled at my dad.

My dad that easily towered over her without a doubt in the world. "Yes I know about werewolves, enough to know that species and mates don't matter to them." My dad said crossing his arms. Karma gave me this devilish smile I wanted to wipe off his face.

As if to say 'Ha, kept your secret and blackmailed you just to have your secret spilled' sort of look on his face. One that made me want to beat his face in some. And be damned or not if he was the Unseelie prince future Unseelie King of the Unseelie court.

That smug look irritated me. "Now, tell whoever is picking you up your going home with your date for a little bit." My dad ordered Noah in a voice he used on the Unseelie Knights he trained. "Yes sir." Noah murmured before pulling out his phone to do as my dad said.

And of course Noah had to bring out the yes sir and large up my dad's ego some more than it needed to be largened. And that whole yes sir just largened that ego. And I could feel those steely blue eyes on me making me shift as Noah texted his dad.

His green eyes kept to his phone not looking anywhere. He balanced on one leg his boot digging into the ground while Twilight innocently plaid with the ends of her dress. Twilight couldn't lie so I couldn't blame her all that much but she didn't have to answer who he was.

She wasn't even being asked that. "He said ok and to be back by 10PM." Noah said and my dad nodded. "Will Twilight and I be returning to the court?" Karma asked and my dad smirked just a little. And I knew I'd be in quite the situation here soon.

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