:Chapter 6:

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"You found your mate?" Max asked as we sat down on the bench outside of Alex's elementary school waiting for him to get out. "Yeah." I responded brushing some hair from my face and Max nodded at that before turning to me once more.

"What was it like?" Max asked. "What like?" I asked. "Finding your mate, the person who you were destined to be with." Max asked. 'Well that's a straightforward question so Noah answer it with a straightforward answer and tell him exactly how you felt when we encountered Moon and discovered she was our mate.'

"I was shocked, her touch brought tingles and electricity racing through my veins. She smelled good as well." I told him. "I thought the tingles and electricity was a myth?" Max asked. "Well it is, but she's not a werewolf, nor a witch, vampire or human." I told Max.

'He can be trusted after all he is our brother, the one that we are the closest with no less.' I nodded in agreement. "What is she then?" Max asked interest lacing through his voice and I turned to him. His curious blue-green eyes stared at me a mixture of mom and dad.

Along with his caramel like hair. A mixture of the black and white creating a caramel like color with gray weaved throughout like his wolf. "A fae." I responded and Max went silent at that. "Your mate is a fae?" Max asked shock laced in his voice and I nodded.

"But they don't have mates." Max said. "I know and I'm confused. She's nice, her name is Moonflower but she told me to call her Moon. We're supposed to meet up with each other tomorrow." I told Noah who nodded at that before looking back at the school.

'Seems time flies by, only two years ago we had our first shift and now here we are finding our mate who happens to be a fae.' 'And for all we know this is the first time ever a fae and a werewolf will mate with each other.'

Shadows nodded in agreement with that. "Will I be able to meet her?" Max asked. "Yeah, I just have to get her comfortable more and then I'll have her meet the family. I just don't want to throw her into things that could make her uncomfortable." I explained to Max who nodded understanding what I meant.

"So what does she look like?" Max asked out of pure curiosity. 'Oh Moon will be fun to describe to Max. She is so pretty and I practically have all her features memorized into my brain by now.' Moon had a cute appearance and exotic so it was hard to forget.

"She has silver hair, not like mom's and Nico but like pure silver. Like actual silver and it's pretty. Not a root in sight. She has very pale skin like moonlight and she's very nice. Then her eyes are a vibrant lilac color that can trap someone in place." I told Max who nodded.

"She sounds very pretty." Max said with a smile and I nodded. "Yeah I honestly can't wait to get to know her better before we really dive into a relationship. She seems sweet from how much time I've spent with her and kind and I'm pretty sure she's Unseelie." I told Max.

'One of the things I recall from dad's fae lesson is that the fae are divided into two courts. The Seelie court and then the Unseelie court. The Seelie seem to be full of light and the Unseelie is full of darkness and Moon strikes me as an Unseelie.'

A very beautiful Unseelie of course. "Oh Unseelie? That's cool I guess. Least they don't hide their intentions like the Seelie." Max added and I nodded. The Unseelie came by honestly by their nature and everyone knew that very well. The Seelie like to play all good and innocent.

When they could be just as wicked as the Seelie. 'So our mate will come honest by her nature even with that sweet side. Depending on what she is of course.' I nodded in agreement just as the bell rang inside the elementary school making both Max and I smile.

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