Chapter 52

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Third Person's POV

Everyone is looking at them, waiting for Jennie to give Lisa a hug.

Lisa is still smiling widely to Jennie, waiting for the short girl to hug her but what Jennie did is something she didn't expect.


Jennie just fucking slapped Lisa.. their friends gasped in shocked.

Lisa slowly raise her hands until she reach her cheek who was hit.

"Aww.." it's too late for her reaction, but she did it anyway. "What was that for?" She asked.

"That's for leaving without letting me see you and explain to you." Jennie said coldly, Lisa tried to reach her hand but she received another slap from Jennie landing to her other cheek.

"Yah! That hurts! What was that for?!" Lisa asked now holding her other cheek.

"That's for coming back just now." Jennie answered and slapped Lisa again.

"What the fuck? You slapped me for the third time already, again.. what was that fucking for?!" Lisa yelled this time.

"That's for.." Jennie's tears began to flow. "That's because I missed you so much, asshole." She said and finally, she gave the hug Lisa was expecting from the very start. Lisa smiled and hugged the short girl back.

"I missed you too Jennie Kim." She said.

"Awww.. this is too sweet.. uwu jumped out." Yuri said that made the squad laughed.

"Seriously Yuri? Why do you always have to ruin the moment?" Taeyeon asked in disbelief.

"Come on, let's go inside." Tiffany told them and started to walk inside.

They stopped and saw Jisoo just standing there looking at Chaeyoung.

Jisoo suddenly spread her arms in front of Chaeyoung.

"Welcome back?" She said unsure.

Chaeyoung just rolled her eyes.

"Yeah.." she just answered and went inside the house.

And her friends doesn't know if they will pity her or laugh at her, she look so surprised with how Chaeyoung just treated her.

"Sorry, she became a little bitchy but it's tolerable. Please bare with her." Lisa apologized for her friend.

They all went to Jisoo and gave her a pat in the head and in her shoulder.

"It's okay Jisoo, you have the whole night to bond with her." Taeyeon comforted her.

"Yup! Cheer up, Jisoo." Seulgi cheered her.

"Here, let me give you the hug. I won't reject you." Yuri teased her that earned a smack to her head.

"Shut up!" Jisoo said annoyed and went inside.

They all followed the sulking girl, leaving Lisa and Jennie outside.

Both of them doesn't know what to say. It's very awkward.

Lisa cleared her throat.

"Uh.. let's go inside?" She said and smiled awkwardly at Jennie.

Jennie gave Lisa her gummy smile and nodded her head.


Their friends are kind of drunk now. Only Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé who is busy eating is sober.

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