Chapter 27

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I woke up when I felt someone moved and hugged me. When I opened my eyes I saw Lisa still sleeping.

Gosh.. she looks so innocent when sleeping..

She didn't have the dream again, I guess she slept in peace.

What is going on with you?? Why are you making me worry?

I observe her face.. I look at her close eyes, her long eyelashes, her cute nose and her perfect plump lips..


I averted my eyes from her and  checked the time and it's already 6 in the morning so I decided to wake her up because we have classes.

"Lisa.. wake up.." I sad and tap her face.

"Hmm.." she responded.

"Wake up, we have classes. We're gonna be late." I said.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me..

After a short time she let go of me when she realized that she's hugging me.

"S-sorry." She said and turned her back at me. "You can go.. I don't feel going to school." She added.

"But Lisa.. you already skipped classes yesterday." I said.

"I'm not feeling well.. just go." She said not looking at me.

"Fine." I said and got off her bed.

"Thank you." I heard her.

I looked at her and she's still not looking.

"Anytime.. I hope you'll get better soon." I smiled even though she's not looking.

Just when I'm about to go out I saw something at her table. I think it's medicine so I went closer to check it.


"Lisa.. why are you taking antidepressants??" I asked her.

She immediately face me and took it away.

"Why are you checking my things! We told each other not to touch each other things!" She yelled at me that made me shocked. "Get out!" She shouted.

I quickly left her room and went in to my own.

"What the hell happenned?" I asked myself.

I gotta asked Rosé about this.


I went alone in school. I've been waiting for my classes to end so I can meet Rosé already.. I need to asked her if she knows what's happening to Lisa..

As soon as the bell rang, I immediately grab all my things and headed to the cafeteria to meet them.

"Rosé!" I called her as soon as I saw them.

"Jennie Unnie! Here!" She yelled.

"Rosé I need to ask you something." I started.

"What is it? You look bothered?" She asked.

"Do you know that Lis----"

I was interrupted when her phone rang. She took it out and gestured for me to wait.

"Taeyeon Unnie! Why are you calling?" She asked.

She was happily listening when her face expression changed into a bothered one.

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