Chapter 62

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"Good morning, Love" Lisa greeted as soon as she saw Jennie opened her eyes.

She was staring at the girl since she woke up and can't help herself to think about what happened last night. It was too wonderful.

"Good morning too, Love." Jennie leaned in and place a long kiss on Lisa's lips.

Lisa was smiling ears to ears when Jennie pulled back.

"What do you want for breakfast?" Jennie asked, she's in the mood to cook breakfast for her wife.

"You.." Lisa said with a husky voice trying to seduce Jennie.

Jennie just rolled her eyes and pushed Lisa's face away.

"I'm still sore.." she complained. It's confirmed, Lisa is so fucking good and wild in bed.

"Your fault, you enjoyed it so much that I don't remember how many rounds we did it." Lisa said smirking.

"S-shut up! Can you just go out so I can change?" Jennie said.

"Do I have to? I already saw and tasted that, no need to hide." Lisa answered while wiggling her eyebrows.

"Y-yah! Get out!" Jennie yelled, blushing in embarassment. Lisa went out laughing, her wife is too cute but she doesn't want to make her mad this early.


"I should be the one cooking." Jennie pouted when she saw that Lisa is already cooking their breakfast.

"You can just back hug me while I'm cooking." Lisa said.

Jennie obliged, but she suddenly thought something naughty. She smirked as she placed her hands around Lisa's waist. Lisa was wearing an oversized shirt so it was easy for Jennie to slip her hand inside it and started to rub Lisa's abs.

Lisa froze.. and Jennie felt it.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Lisa asked and continued to cook again.

"Hmmm? Hugging you.." Jennie answered innocently.

Lisa just ignored it and continued what her doing but Jennie's hands distracted her. She felt her hand going down..

"F-fuuuuuckkk!" Lisa cursed when she felt Jennie's hand inside her shorts and cupped her womanhood.

Jennie took out her hand and laughed hysterically because of Lisa's reaction. Lisa did her good last night but she hadn't have the chance to return the favor but seeing Lisa's reaction after doing that simple thing excites her.

"Such a tease." Lisa glared at her. "Just arrange the table."

"Yes Ma'am!" Jennie said with a salute and laughed again with her silliness.

Lisa just shake her head while smiling like a crazy.


"So.. when are you going to move in?" Rosé asked Jennie.

"I'm planning to do it this weekend. Lisa said that so she can help me move my stuffs." She answered.

"You guys are so fast, I thought you're going to make it slow?" Jisoo asked too.

"What? You and Rosé got back together too." She answered.

"Babe, can you just go there with Taeyeon and the others? This is girls talk." Rosé told Jisoo.

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