Chapter 40

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"Seriously? Can't we stay here for another week? I don't want to go." Seulgi said sulking.

"Then don't go. We don't mind leaving you alone here." Taeyeon answered.

This is our last night here and tomorrow we will all go back to Korea. Spending the whole week here is fun, all of us were happy and stress-free. I looked at my friends one-by-one and smiled as I saw them bickering again. My eyes landed at Lisa, she was laughing her ass off and I can't help myself but to smile seeing her like that. Then I saw Jisoo behind her, our eyes met and I was the one to break the contact.

Ever since Jisoo and I had an argument, she became distant, not to be that obvious because our friends might notice but I can feel it, she's mad at me.

What she said keeps on bothering me.

"Okay, let's form a circle! The foods are ready!" Sica said clapping her hands to get our attention.

We all went around the bonfire and took our seats. Lisa sat beside me and gave me a smile.

"I've never been so happy with my life like this." Taeyeon started.

"Yah! Why are you being dramatic all of a sudden?" Yuri said cringing.

"What? Isn't it late night conversations are the best?" She said.

"Okay, tell your story, granny." Yuri mocked her and she just rolled her eyes.

"But seriously, I'm really happy I met all of you guys." She smiled. "And this wouldn't happen if not because of Lisa." She said and Lisa was surprised when she heard her name.

"What? Me? Why?" She asked.

"Well, it all started when the three of us met you at the bar two years ago." She started and looked at Seulgi and Yuri. " Before you came, the three of us were always in trouble. Our lives were a mess and we're all a pain in the ass of our parents. But, we became friends with Lisa. At first, I thought Lisa would be like us, she was broke and lonely at that time but we did not expect that she would lead us to the good side." She said.

"We started to change for good, we quit smoking and if we go to the bar every night, it turned into thrice or twice a week, and eventually, we just come there accasionally." Yuri continued.

"We went to university, something that are parents can't believe. They said that they thought our case were hopeless and we wouldn't change. But they were wrong, we really changed and we even started to help them in their business, something that made them proud of us." Seulgi said.

"And then we met you guys. We met the people that we will love and will love us truly, people who I can say that I can live forever." Taeyeon said and looked at Tiffany. The two looked at their partners lovingly.

"And how did we meet you? Ofcourse it's because of Lisa. From the start, from this part, Lisa became the bridge for us, so I'm really grateful to have a friend like you." Taeyeon said.

"I agree!" Seulgi exclaimed.

"Wow. Thank you, I mean, I did not know I have done that much to you guys." Lisa said in awe.

"No, thank you. For showing us what 'love' means, from family, friends and to lovers." Yuri said.

"And now, I'm really happy that you found your own happiness Lisa. I'm glad that you met your Jennie." Taeyeon said and all of them looked at me. I felt conscious.

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