Chapter 55

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3rd Person's POV

Lisa moved slightly when she felt a flash of light hit her eyes but she did not open her eyes because she's still sleepy. She moved closer to Angelo and hugged him tighter.

*click* *click*

"Yah! Yuri turn off the shutter sound." Lisa heard but she thought she's just dreaming.

"Gosh they're so cute. You did a good job Angelo." She heard a voice and she's sure that it's Taeyeon.

Lisa was becoming confused. She can hear giggles and voices and why the hell Angelo got so big suddenly and why does he smell like flowers? As far as Lisa remember's, her son's body wash smells like vanilla.

She tried to open her eyes. First the left, then the right, closes both then opens them again. When her sight is not blurry, her eyes went wide opened when she saw that she's hugging the 'Great Jendeukie' who is clinging to her like a koala.

She looked at her surroundings and saw her friends with Angelo circling around their bed, grinning at the sight of the two of them while holding their phones. Taeyeon whispered something to Angelo and he left the room after.

"Y-yah! What are you doing here??" She asked.

"What? It's Sunday, we decided to go back." Taeyeon answered casually.

"So... did you have a nice sleep?" Seulgi asked her.

"Did you like the warmth coming from her?" Yuri teased and Lisa glared to all of them.

She started to tap Jennie's shoulder and remove her arm that's holding her waist.

"Jennie.. Jennie wake up!" She said, waking up the older girl.

"Hmm.. I'm still sleepy." Jennie answered burying her face on Lisa's neck and hugging her tighter.

"Y-yah! Let go! Wake up!" Lisa said now tapping Jennie's cheek.

"10 more minutes Babe, hug me. I missed your warmth" Jennie said eyes still closed.

Lisa blushed and her friends teased her hard which did not help her at all.

Because of embarrassment, Lisa just did the only way that can wake Jennie up.

She build up her strength and pushed Jennie with all jer force that made the short girl fall on the floor.

"Fuck!" Jennie cursed. "Why did you push me?" She asked Lisa.

Lisa pointed her finger to her friends and Jennie saw them.

"Oh? You're here again?" She asked calmly.

"What? You don't want us here? You want Lisa all by yourself? Come on, we missed her too." Yuri answered.

"Can't help it. I missed my wife so much and we're just starting to catch up." Jennie answered grinning and made her way back to the bed.

"Aye! I see, you move so fast Jennie." Jisoo teased her and Jennie can't hide her smile.

She looked at Lisa and saw her blushing hard. She move closer to the girl and Lisa made a move back.

"Y-yah! Why are you getting so close?" Lisa asked in panicked.

Jennie just smiled and pulled Lisa's head and lean for a kiss. Their friends squealed like a fangirls when they saw it.

They did not expect that Jennie will be like this. Far from the shy and bitchy Jennie they knew.

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